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The Blue Team has defeated...


A pretty simple suggestion, which would, in my eyes, add a lot of fun to fighting old bosses with your friends.

Basically, when a player defeats a boss, the message "Team [Colour of the Player's Team] has defeated [Boss]!" instead of "[Boss] has been defeated."

It's very minor, but would add the ability to Versus-co-op-fight bosses and try to beat your friends at defeating them. Players could make bets similar to "ooh if I get the last hit on this boss I get 65% of the loot and get rid of your 35%!"

When the player is on no team, the standard message would be displayed.

And while we're at it we could print total damage values dealt to a boss by a single player or team, if two or more teams fought a boss, adding a bit more variety to these optional challenges.

What do you think?
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