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The Clicker Class Mod
Hello there everyone, creator and main developer of the Thorium Mod, DivermanSam here! With the help of my friends direwolf420 and Barometz, we've created a glorious mod, that is in no way, a joke! Play as the 'Clicker Class' and show your enemies who's the boss by clicking them to death with a new line of weapons, the Clickers. Add some silly spice to your full-game playthrough and prove who can click the fastest with the Clicker Class mod today! Have fun!
- Works with Terraria 1.4 -

Included within:
  • 51 Weapons
  • 5 Armors
  • 29 Accessories
  • 1 Buff Potion
  • 1 New way to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cross mod support; Add your own clicker content!
- Example Content

This demonstrates the normal restrictions on Clicker usage

This demonstrates a couple of Clicker Effects in action


There are many Clickers to collect. Try and collect them all!

- The Clicker Class Wiki Page
Quickly access information related to the Clicker Class on the wiki!
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- Discord Channel
Leave feedback, ask questions, and talk with other modding players here!
(Note that this is currently the Thorium Mod discord as well)
Click here to get an instant invite

- Manual Download - Only for 1.3 currently
Check out the officially supported tModLoader ModBrowser for an easier, hassle free download too!
Click here to find the latest manual download

- Credits
  • direwolf420 for extensive coding help, code legibility, and cross-mod capabilities.
  • Barometz for for many sprites and accessory / armor ideas.
  • Catsounds, Lemon Zest, etc. for pushing us to make the mod.
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This is an amazing idea for a mod. Great job!

Do the autoclicker gloves stack with one another?
i love the mode since i love playing hitterclick levels on GD, but why does the Hemo Clicker has to have so little drop rate, i have been farming it for hour and still nothing
Hello! I was wondering if you will be adding more armors, maybe a pre boss or post evil boss armor just to make dungeon exploring a bit easier?
I found out that if you combine overclock armor with eliptical clicker it SHREDS any boss in the game. try it im serious!


Ive been testing and it also really clicks with the following

Crimson Clicker
Astral Clicker
Eliptical Clicker (Again) (INSANELY OP)
Captain's Clicker
Chlorophyte Clicker (OP for wave defense ._.)
Lihzard Clicker (INSANELY OP)
Lord's Clicker
Space Clicker
Mice Clicker (INSANELY OP)
Slick Clicker
Orichalum Clicker
Titanium Clicker (INSANELY OP) (This one is game breaking)
Witch Clicker (AaAAaAAa?)
Umbral Clicker
Hemo Clicker
High Tech Clicker (INSANELY OP) (Kinda Gamebreaking?)

Sorry if i missed some but you get the gist, Lots of Lesser Attacks / Particles = Op
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Thats a really cool Mod youve made there and it works really well but i have a question about it. Me and 3 other people play on a server togheter and one of us is using the clicker class and we noticed that our mate whose using the class gets to much of the boss Aggro. One Scenario we play Calamity on this server we were fighting Plaguebringer Goliath and he died. The moment he entered the Cave system where the Arena was the Boss immediately charged to his position even thou he wasnt near the arena yet or hit the boss in any way. And even while fighting as soon as someone drops the Aggro the Bosses will charge at the clicker class player and will mostly stay on him until hes dead. We all thought that this wasnt right maybe you know something about it. And one thing that i want to adress is the lack of Armor sets for this class dont know if more Armor sets are planned but its kinda hard to get your first armor after you beat skeletron. But in any way its a damn fun mod to play with.
The mod does not affect aggro at all, I might be inclined to say that it is a problem with that particular boss, the server join order, or another mod.
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