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Adventure The Eternal Caverns


The Eternal Caverns is a map that relies on mechanics rarely used in other adventure maps. My hope is that it will be very different from other maps people have previously played while still having understandble mechanics.

You start in a small town (underground, like the rest of this map) as a poor family of your mother and you. You need to grab some of today's melons from a wealthy landowner's garden plot, jumping through spiky thorns. After making it back, it's revealed your mother has sent you on a quest to the mines, hoping to find some treasure that can ease your debt. Off you go!
Life crystals: 0
Screenshots WIP
Upon entering the mines, you find a not-so functional bridge leading above burning hellstone and skeletons. But all good things must come to an end, because the moment you fall off you've taken a 1-way trip to the aformentioned hellstone and skeletons. Eventually you make it to the other side, and your quest will continue. On your way, you might notice a rather lethal multi-wave hoard of skeletons fight you for a gem, but that's just one of the bonus challenges for a large gem.
Life Crystals: 3
Screenshots WIP
Large Gems: 1
The next area is a lihzahrd temple, with 4 seperate paths honoring and exploiting each of the 4 traps. Reaching the end of all 4 will lead to a small chasm filled with water and spikes. Retrieving the item at the bottom lets you escape to the next area!
Life Crystals: 1
Large Gems: 1
Screenshots WIP
Each pathway is taking about 2 hours to make, so it might be a while.
I'll release what I've got once I finish the trapped temple.
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