tModLoader The Granarble Mod! (W.I.P) (Coders and spriters are welcomed)

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What do you think of the mod so far?

  1. Looks like it has some potential. Keep it going.

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  1. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    Hello everyone, and this is officially my 3rd attempt on making a mod! I always wanted a bit more 'spice' to both marble and granite biomes, so if your like me, then try out the mod! This mod (obviously) mainly focuses on both granite and marble biomes. It will heavily change the physics of granite and marble biomes! From new mobs, to new weapons, to even new bosses! I hope all of you will enjoy what me and the team have done! :) (remember heavily w.i.p so don't expect anything top notch yet.)

    Marble Fragment MarbleFrag.png Drops of most Marble creatures and enemies. Used to make Marble Bars.

    Marble Bar MarbleBar.png Used to craft most marble Objects/Items. Made with 4 Marble Fragments.

    Marble Cutter MarbleCutter.png Deals decent damage, and is fast.

    Marble Repeater MarbleRepeater.png Deals early hard mode damage, and turns normal musket balls into ichor bullets.

    Marble Staff MarbleStaff.png Deals decent damage, and has a small chance to inflict ichor.

    Granite Fragment GraniteFrag.png Drops of most Granite creatures and enemies. Used to make Granite Bars.

    Granite Bar GraniteBar.png Used to craft most granite Objects/Items. Made with 4 Granite Fragments.

    Granite Cleaver GraniteCleaver.png Deals a lot of damage, but is very slow in the process.

    Granite Drill GraniteDrill.png As good as a molten pickaxe.

    Granite Gun GraniteBlaster.png Slow fire, but bullets pack a punch. (in hardmode) Turns normal musket balls into granite bullets.

    Granite Staff Granite Staff.png Deals a strong amount of damage, and can has a small chance to petrify enemies.

    Granite Infused Hammer GraniteHammer.png Deals a fair amount of damage. Has a chance of dropping Granite Fragments.

    Oh and one last thing to content. Beware of the granite and marble biomes. They are gonna spread like wildfire. Until you defeat the boss that is. (in hardmode so don't worry just yet amigos.)

    Cerebus Boss Fight Music


    Mod Team:

    @Barney Bagon (spriter, coder, leader of mod)
    @Dingus (Meme Lord, spriter)
    @JFC_263 (spriter)
    @Some Schmo (spriter)
    @RexodinoLP (Idea person, spriter)
    @yobozo (coder)
    @Idow373 (spriter, musician)
    @Nopezal (coder)
    @StarMan (spriter)
    @Graydee (spriter)
    @Burst (musician, lore writer)
    @nerd50 (spriter)
    Feel free to tell me if I have forgot anyone on the list!

    Also, thank you very much to the Re-logic team for making this awesome game. It's one of my favourite games, and I don't know what game I would playing without this game. :)
    And, don't forget the tmodloader team. You guys are awesome for making mods possible! (except for freaking tabi)

    Face on progression level:
    -_- = moderate level. We are slacking, and some members aren't active.
    o_0 = Stopped working. We are either taking a short break, or the mod is completely and utterly dead.
    ¬_¬ = We are working on it extremely hard. Basically, we are in legit mode.

    Level: o_0

    Thank you very much for reading and I hope you will try out my mod soon! (when it releases)
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  2. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    (Reserved) for later use m8s.
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  3. Burst

    Burst Golem

    Looks promising! :)
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  4. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    This is sick nasty boi, keep it up!
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  5. KingSora

    KingSora Terrarian

    This looks interesting. Keeping my eye on this thread
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  6. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    Incredible sprite-work so far. Also I support the idea behind the mod -- always thought these two biomes were fairly boring and sparse compared to nearly all other Terraria content, even with the help of some other mods.

    My only problem with the OP was this one statement: "Beware of the granite and marble biomes. They are gonna spread like wildfire. Until you defeat the boss that is."

    I assume you're saying the biomes themselves will quickly spread throughout the underground, until a boss is defeated. If this is the case, I don't see myself using this mod. The aggressive spreading of biomes (specifically once you're in hardmode) is one of my biggest dislikes about Terraria, most of all due to losing the jungle with no easy way to fix the damage once its done. Having two more biomes to worry about aggressive spreading in would be a real deal-breaker for me. Otherwise, everything else looks wonderful.
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  7. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    Thank you very much!
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    Hahahhaha I see what you did there. ;) thanks anyway!
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    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 13, 2016 ---
    Well this is only in hardmode. And I am going to add a feature to disable this when you start a world.
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  8. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    And the banner is here! If you want to support the mod, feel free to put this in your bio! :)
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  9. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    Make Marble and Granite only spread over stone and make it removeable again with a "Cleansing Solution"
    also make it not create new marble/granite, but Marble/Granite infused stone, it also counts to marble/granite but ALSO lets new enemies spawn, and yes it is the stone that spreads and CAN be removed, the SOURCE (Granite/Marble Caves) can only be MINED or they dont spread anymore after the boss is down.
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  10. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    ok, I will make a solution for it. but, the source cant be destroyed to stop it. You have to kill the boss. don't worry though, I will make the boss stronger than the wof, but weaker then the destroyer. So you can kill it a bit easier at the start.
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  11. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Nice WIP mod!
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  12. Bonvoyage284

    Bonvoyage284 Terrarian

    This mod is lookin good! Can't wait to see more :happy:
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  13. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    Thanks m8!
    Thank you too! :)
  14. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

  15. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    So, if your not convinced on what this might be, I'll give you a hint. It's gonna be a long project.

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  16. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    cool mod
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  17. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    Thank you. Also, how is that sprite doing?
  18. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    im making the dager now
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  19. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    cool. thanks vry much m8
  20. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

    added a progression level to the forum page. nothing much has changed, we just want to let you know how well we are doing, and at what pace.
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