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The guardian shield:a different class of shield


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Currently there are only 4 Shields in Terraria 2 shields are upgrades and the other one is rarely used but I can change that with this new accessory the guardian shield

Purple Super-glossy shield (item) bigger (1).png
item in inventory
Purple Super-glossy shield (player) bigger.png
on player sprites by: @DerpoTheMagnificent

Tool tip : grand protection defense +
1 colbalt shield
10 souls of might
20 amethyst

You might think what is so special about this shield it has a special ability similar to gnawed leaf in binding of Isaac were if you stand still for 3 seconds you gain invincibility till you move.

-if a boss currently is in your world invincibility cannot be obtained
-if a mob does more damage than your health x2 it kills you(dungeon guardian)
-3 seconds till invincibility takes affect
-no movement like mining , fighting, and using consumables
-all summons despawn
- if pvp is active it has a max of 5 seconds
-10 second cool down
-no duel shields
Getting out of tough situations

And that is my suggestion please give me feedback on how to further balance it or buff it
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Well, you might make it so you can't pick up items during the invincibility. That way you can't set up an afk farm even easier than you can now.


Let's say said player also has the paladin shield equipped in multiplayer. That's basically a 25% damage reduction for your teammates. You might want to add a "shields cannot be dual wielded" line in there or maybe just not those two.

Also: This totes looks like a purple catseye from resident evil 4.
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