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Living Tree
Terrari .png
(Tree's sprite may be concept art) here's my suggestion for a Biome called the infected where everything is zombie like this is created by killing 100 zombies any type,
this Biome spread quicker in hard mode all enemies are zombies only any type also zombies are stronger in the infected,
this is created on your own using dark green or lime solution from the steam punker if you beaten the twins or using infected water,
there are also new monsters called zombie rabbit zombie penguin and the walking brain,
chopping down one of the tree's gives you dying wood which can be used to craft a workbench and even a set of dying armor and some tools called the dying sword dying pickaxe dying axe and the dying hammer,
there's also a underground infected which spawns loads of zombies and some new monsters called the flying brain candle zombie,
killing any of the zombies expect for the zombie rabbit or zombie penguin have a 5.41% chance of dropping the brain and the walking brain and the flying brain have a higher chance of dropping the same item, using this item at night summons a boss called the undead one which is half zombie and half skeleton which attacks is summoning zombies to assist it and throws brains at the player the second phase makes it faster and more of it's body turns bloodier and infected and also starts throwing zombie heads with arrows on the heads at the player
killing it drops a brain sword which is stronger than the crimson sword but weaker then the greatsword.
The Groom: Spanish is a text but we are English but thanks for that respond
[doublepost=1509270030,1509269948][/doublepost]Blood zombie: you know the tree's sprite is concept art and also tell me your reasons why this should be added or not added and we try and fix it
Zombie Bunny: I wanna be added to hang out with other bunnies ^_^
no offence, but the sprite looks like you just colour swapped it and erased parts of it. We don't really need corruption/crimson clones. Also, I have to agree that your posts should be a bit more organised. Please group up sentences that are relevant, and add paragraphs. This is formatted like you just wrote down every idea you had out of order. Finally, "dying armour?" "Dying workbench?" "The dead one?" the naming needs a bit of work, to say the least. I know this is a bit late, but please try some of these ideas.
Ooof it's been a while. I had forgotten I even have this account. Aaaanyway, while I agree his presentation is... appalling... I actually disagree wholeheartedly on whether we need corruption/crimson alternatives or "clones" as Agent put it.

I feel it would be quite refreshing for those playing vanilla or playing close to it that want to start new worlds to have other possible evil biomes, that might be created on world generation besides the Corruption or Crimson, complete with their own bosses, mobs, ore, wood, weapons, armor, and terrain pattern. (Like how crimson spawns caves that lead to caverns shaped like hands with ball shaped palms, while the corruption forms deep chasms leading to horizontal tunnels.)

I get bored with the same two evil themes over and over again. It's always the purple, demonic, corrupt wasteland covered in demon spikes and shadow, or the red, gory, gruesome fields of, teeth, eyeballs and brains.

Let's mix it up a bit!! Let the map sometimes generate something else like... well ya like a sickly yellow-green, rotting, overgrown graveyard, filled with decay, mold, and infected puss. Instead of worms and flying worm heads, or brain spiders and giant flying ticks, let's have squirming rot-filled maggots, giant carrion beetles, and giant diseased rats!
Honestly I wouldn't mind clone biomes as long as they brought their own things to the table, and it was only 1 or 2 variations. However, it could be done slightly better than what this thread suggests.
Honestly I wouldn't mind clone biomes as long as they brought their own things to the table, and it was only 1 or 2 variations. However, it could be done slightly better than what this thread suggests.
Yes... Yes this could have been done much better unfortunately. It was just so narrow in scope... and lacked vision. Only Zombies? We can do better than that. Not to mention, the presentation was abyssmal.

Personally? I don't mind there being as many variations imaginable as long as they are all unique. They would each need to have a unique theme/color scheme. As I said, the corruption is purple with a wormy wasteland theme, crimson is red with a bloody gore theme. The most unique additional evil biome I can think of would be somewhat similar to Noob's I suppose, called something like "The Rot", and would probably be green with a gross necrosis theme. Basically, whereas the Corruption is supposed to be evil/depressing, and the crimson is supposed to be disturbing/frightening, the rot would be just plain revolting.

The wood would probably be uncreatively called Rotwood, the stone would be Bilestone (or perhaps Snotstone?) and the metal, well it just so happens there's a real life type of metal known as Green Vitriol. Also known as Iron sulfate, it can sometimes form with a sickly snot green color to it: https://i.imgur.com/24kBaYQ.jpg Ain't it perty? It usually forms with more of a bluish green, however. But that just doesn't fit the aesthetic.

For our purposes, we shall simply call it Vitriol or perhaps Vitriolum, to make it sound more like a metal (that is also the medieval latin origin of the word itself). Also the word vitriol tends to carry negative connotations, and is actually used as a synonym for gall or stomach bile.

The Enemies would be, as already mentioned, anything disgusting. Mosquitoes and/or Bot Flies (if you don't know what bot flies are, look em up. They're really gross) for flying enemies, Maggots(which would be pixel'd to look eerily like bot fly larvae), giant diseased rats complete with green festering wounds with bone exposed, of course, zombies (specifically the Swamp variant), which will spawn uncommonly during the day, but even more than in other biomes, at night, and rarely, Swamp Things. Still thinking on the boss. It needs to make people truly go "Ewww!!!" even more than the Brain of C'thulhu. Way more. Giant slug that leaves a trail of green noxious sludge behind as it crawls? A giant zombie?? The possibilities...

Edit: Added slug boss idea
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I am saddened to see this. Suggestions have so much potential for quality, and we squish it with thing like this. This is about as easy to read as a message scrubed in a potato, than the potatato got squished. We could work hard on suggestions and make beutifal thing like snickerbobbles depths, but instead you chose to vomit out a nightmare of a world cleanse as often as 2 zombie banners, even then showing nothing of it exept that you dont want it. No support.
I'm surprised that no Mods have commented on this...it's so...poorly drawn out. I'm going to forget I ever saw this
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