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We could use bare bones GURPS, it's pretty similar to what we started with, just balanced and with ways to keep people from trying to godmode and whatnot.

Here's a reddit post that explains a bit and has a link to GURPS Lite: https://www.reddit.com/r/gurps/comments/b015q5/what_books_would_i_need_to_start_up/

I have all of the main PDFs and a couple dozen splats worth of content I have for casual reading (may as well make them useful). Even if you don't decide to use the system, it has really good advice that is system ubiquitous.

If we just use the 8 base stats and basic rules, it is pretty simple. The main reason it works well for TI is that it was built with homebrew'd worlds in mind. (It's also great for characters who aren't purely combat focused.)
Those sound like interesting ideas.

I think we should try to stick to the original TI setting. I really liked the diversity of the original races, such as Mares. And I loved the TI gods, such as Kaira Phune.
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Hello again, been so long but I'm still interested.
I will try to be active, let's not let this RP die again, I mean, I have so many character and world ideas.
Hey everyone, how's it going? Hope everyone is doing well.

Anyway, since pretty much my whole life is on stand-still, I was wondering if anyone wanted to do some nightly RPing? There are a bunch of options, including possibly resuming The Island in one way or another, or maybe getting group (if its not too big) to do some more tight-knit RPing of some kind.

Miss you all. Much love.
I found an on-again off-again DND group, so I'm drawn to the idea of something structured in sessions in some other format. I'm cool with posting on the forums though, as long as people are able to post relatively frequently so we can really get stuff going.
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