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Sep 24, 2019 at 5:30 AM
Sep 27, 2014
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Jan 21, 1995
Elchro City
Droid, Infiltrator, Mechanical Taco

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Santa Claus, Male, 24, from Elchro City

Today was the first time in quite a while I managed to get some sleep, feels good! xD Aug 26, 2019

Droid15.24.3 was last seen:
Sep 24, 2019 at 5:30 AM
    1. Droid15.24.3
      Today was the first time in quite a while I managed to get some sleep, feels good! xD
      1. Chips likes this.
    2. TheFrontLine
      Hey, it's been years, but I remember roleplaying with you on the old Terraria forums. Hope you've been doing well since!
      1. Droid15.24.3 likes this.
      2. Droid15.24.3
        I've been doing well, just came back from being nuke'd. (Been off the net for months.)
        What have you been up to?
        Jul 26, 2019
    3. Droid15.24.3
      I love that the AMA section seems to have surged recently.
      1. PhilBill44 likes this.
    4. Moor Al-Malik
      Moor Al-Malik
      Thanks for the follow, mate!
      1. Droid15.24.3 likes this.
    5. Chips
      Thanks for the follow! But... why?
      1. Droid15.24.3 likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Droid15.24.3
        That, and I have seen you around a bit. :)
        May 6, 2019
        Chips likes this.
      4. Chips
        I guess I'll return that!
        May 6, 2019
        Droid15.24.3 likes this.
      5. Terro
        Welp, guess i'm obliged to return it too, lel :)
        May 6, 2019
        Droid15.24.3 likes this.
    6. Droid15.24.3
    7. Droid15.24.3
      Played some MK11, grinding to get the "spoiler" in the Krypt. There must be a faster way to do this.
    8. Droid15.24.3
      Anyone else play Light Trax on the Wii back in the day? I suddenly want a sequel.
    9. Droid15.24.3
      I was planning to just play some games on my day off, wound up chatting on TCF all day. Feels good.
      1. Jetstream ∞ likes this.
      2. UltiDaniel
        Apr 27, 2019
    10. Droid15.24.3
    11. Droid15.24.3
      You know, it feels strange growing up with a community of people that I never actually met. We've shared tears of joy and sadness alike!
    12. Droid15.24.3
      Wow, I forgot what the default colors looked like!
    13. Defure
      Thanks for the follow. Here, a dragon. [​IMG]
      1. Jetstream ∞ and Droid15.24.3 like this.
      2. Droid15.24.3
        Hey, thanks! ^_^
        Apr 5, 2019
    14. Droid15.24.3
      Risk of Rain, Hollow Knight, and Hyperlight Drifter all have sequels coming. I can't contain my excitement!
      1. neoselket
        something you might find interesting is that i got all of those games through your giveaways, so thank you very much!
        Apr 3, 2019
    15. Droid15.24.3
    16. Droid15.24.3
      I find myself buying GURPS books as casual reading material, I haven't planned to GM anything but the thought is enticing.
    17. Droid15.24.3
      Help, I've been consumed by Tetris! Tetris Effect, Tetris99, Tetris Ultimate, Tetris Friends, NullPomino, and soon PuyoPuyoTetris too! D:
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Droid15.24.3
        Wasn't there more to it than that? The creator get's royalties for it now doesn't he?
        Mar 14, 2019
      3. Düsseldorf
        Mar 14, 2019
      4. Droid15.24.3
        Just checked, several companies did, but Nintendo's version came after all of that happened.
        Mar 14, 2019
    18. Droid15.24.3
      Silksong...where did I leave that time portal?
      1. UltiDaniel
        Oh hey! I found it- OHMYGOOGYMHO -ti dnuof I !yeh hO
        Feb 15, 2019
    19. Droid15.24.3
      KH3: Proud - Zero Exp, let's go! >:]
      1. Grumpy Squid
        Grumpy Squid
        It's the only way to play in my opinion. With a lack of critical KH3 was way way too easy compared to previous installments of the hardest difficulty.

        I'm much more happy with Zero EXP because it's a much more satisfying challenge. Still not as hard as Zero EXP from KH1 or KH2, but it's about the same as doing critical on the earlier games.
        Feb 7, 2019
    20. Izumi
      Happy birthday!
      1. Droid15.24.3
        Thanks! ^_^
        Jan 22, 2019
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  • About

    Jan 21, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Elchro City
    Droid, Infiltrator, Mechanical Taco
    Re-Logic Games Owned:
    • Terraria: PC
    • Terraria: PS3/Vita
    • Terraria: Playstation 4
    • Pixel Privateers
    Hello, Droid15.24.3 .^. here, most call me Droid. I have been on the forums since around the time Terraria was released. I once dabbled in making mods, and spend most of my time here playing a character on "The Island" RP. Sometimes I hold raffles and chat with the friends that I made here. I also love the art people make here! So yeah, that should cover the important bits.


    Email Address:
    [email protected]


    Regnil Slade [The Island: 1-2] (Site down)
    Regnil Slade [The Island: 3] (Site down, using backup page)
    Regnil Slade [The Island: 4-5] (Threads closed)
    Regnil Slade [The Island: 6] (Threads closed)
    Name: Al' Xulfest

    Western Style - 4 legs, 2 horns, 2 wings, 2 bladed scales that run along the end of his tail.
    Iridescent Scales - Dominant hue shifts with current element. (Red > Bronze > Gold > Green > Light Green > Cyan > Blue > White or Black)
    Height - 14 ft.
    Length - 18 ft.
    Weight - 1,400 lbs.

    Al' Xulfest, is the descendant of a long fallen nation of Dragons, feared and envied for their natural ability to wield many elemental powers. That power came with a weakness however, hunters could prepare ahead of time based on the color of their scales and exploited it, wiping nearly the whole species from the land. Some learned arcane magics to inhibit this limitation. Being born after the fall of his nation, he was taught by one such survivor and knows general spells in most spheres of magic.

    May come off as aloof at first, but has a rather inquisitive nature and prefers to observe someone for a moment before an introduction. He is otherwise stoic in most situations and may even poke fun at those he becomes close to.

    Prismatic Shift - Elemental abilities/resistances shift every day. (Fire > Earth > Lightning > Plant > Air > Ice > Water > Light or Dark)
    General Magery - Entry level to lower moderate spells for all commonly known schools of magic.

    Wishes to have his own kingdom and to perhaps take his nation back some day.

    - Slay the Hunters of the region (In progress/Short Term)
    - Assist the Dragon Rider duo on their mission (In progress/Short Term)
    - Seek the Mage's Tower (In progress/Short Term)
    - Gain Retainers (Inactive)
    - Raise an Army (Inactive/Long Term)
    - Build/Claim a Castle (Inactive/Long Term)
    - Defeat the Steel Wingless Dragon (Cancelled)

    People Known:
    - ??? (Jackalorus Von Kraal/Jackalore): Strange kin of fire.
    - ??? (Trebonth): A cyan hatchling with fur.
    - Defure: One-Eyed Dragon with lightning magic. (On a mission)
    - Juniper: Dragon Rider. (On a mission)
    - ???(Aggron): Steel Wingless Dragon.
    - Cyrill: Strange kin of ice from another planet. Daughter of an Elder Ice Dragon father and a Human mother.
    Droid57.33.1 β (CSβ)
    Lvl:1 - XP:0 - XP to next LVL: 100 - Gold: 100
    Health: 500/500 | Mana: 300/300 - Status: Fully Operational
    Summary: A β class combat droid that was created by a mercenary organization to fight in a proxy war. Once the war ended, they were either sold off, or scrapped for parts. 57.33.1 was fortunate enough to be the former. Its new owner tinkered, upgraded, and added some personal touches. This person taught the faceless entity about the world and would eventually nickname it CSβ. During the catastrophe, the droid would protect them, at least until they fell to an unknown illness. Droid57.33.1 β, without anyone to protect, would eventually wander off. Several months later, they went to Wilkin City. A carbon steel humanoid that was built for combat. It is powered and maintained by a mana processor that allows periodic casts of minor spells to prevent corrosion. It has a gunmetal grey finish and glowing green markings. It's audio output was synthesized using the voice of a high ranking military officer. Basic propulsion jets allow for short bursts of movement and elevation.
    Str: 7 - Dex: 7 - Vit: 9 - Mag: 2
    Utility Abilities/Skills: Acrobat, Detection, Combat Experience
    Special Ability: Floating Blades
    Floating blades deploy from the user and attack nearby opponents for 1 + (Lv x .5) turns. Takes 3 turns to recharge.
    Inventory: Training Weapon: Retractable Arm Blades {C} Ten (10) Physical Damage. Weapon Accuracy: 10" (Installed)
    Mana Processor {C} A standard mana conversion unit. (Installed)
    2x Floating Blades {C} Five (5) Physical Damage. Weapon Accuracy: 5" (Installed)
    [​IMG] [Droid15.24.3's Random Raffles](Closed) Archive | Insert questions here: Ask Droid Anything