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The Kraken! A new pre hardmode boss!

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by Huzbubber Tim, Jul 12, 2017.


Do you like the Kraken?

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  3. Could use some work (please specify.)

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  4. Nope nope nope.

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  1. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    This thread just went under a HUGE overhaul, so many things will be different and/or improved!

    I have always thought that gap between the pre-hardmode bosses and the Wall of Flesh is all too big. All of the pre-hardmode bosses are much weaker than WoF, and there are not really any bosses that bridge that gap. So I propose a new boss: The Kraken!

    Kraken!.gif AMAZING new sprite by @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. !

    The Kraken is summoned in the ocean using a Cursed Ink Sac ( Cursed Ink Sac.png ) in the ocean. Cursed Ink Sacs are crafted with 1 black ink, 20 shells, 10 starfish, and 15 bones at a demon alter. (Shells/starfish would now generate on beaches over time) Tooltip: "Releases the Kraken!" When it is used, the message “The Kraken has been released!” will appear. (Thanks @Explinorater for the idea!)

    Health: 5,200/10,400
    Defense: 12/24
    Knockback Resistance: 100%

    While the battle is active, the player is given the Kraken's Curse debuff ( Kraken's Curse.png ), which gives the player extended underwater breath (about 2 minutes) and improved swimming, but it disables any other water buff potions (gills, flipper, etc.) and makes the player take damage over time while above water (about 4 health per second.) The Kraken stays underwater for the majority of the fight. If the player attempts to leave the ocean biome, the Kraken will drag them back to the fight with a long tentacle.

    Generic Attacks: Quickly dashes at the player and attempts to ram into them (40/80 damage), summons 1 Krakite every 10 seconds, jumps out of and back into the ocean, making big splashes of these projectiles WaterTing.png (30/60 damage, yet another amazing sprite by @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. !)

    Below 90% life: Generic Attacks, shoots Inkballs Ink.gif (AGAIN a wonderful sprite by @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. !) that explode into smaller ink particles (25/50 damage).

    Below 50% life: Generic Attacks, 3 Krakites now spawn every 6 seconds, occasionally shoots jets of ink (70/140 damage), dashes more often, periodically fires a large whirlpool Whirlpool.png that follows the player for a few seconds (50/100 damage)

    Below 20% life: Generic Attacks, summons 4 Krakites every 6 seconds, periodically surrounds itself in a cloud of Toxic Ink Toxic Ink Cloud.png (55/110 damage) that inflicts the Poisoned debuff for 7 seconds, dashes more often.

    Krakite.png Krakites: Krakites are boss servants that fly around the player and attempt to ram into them, dealing 40/80 damage. They have 200/400 health and 10 defense. (Once again a beautiful sprite by @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. !)

    EXPERT MODE: Always summons 4 Krakites every 6 seconds, dashes are faster and more common, Ink attacks have a 30% chance to inflict the Darkness debuff upon the player for 3-7 seconds, Inkballs will home in on the player.

    881A41B9-6FF7-478E-B103-7AE251440D33.png Ink Sprayer: Does 20 ranged damage. Shoots a cloud of ink that lingers for 3 seconds. 20% drop chance. (Once more a beautiful sprite by @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. !)
    Ink Canister.png Ink Canister: Ammo for Ink Sprayer. Drops 15-30 with Ink Sprayer. Also sold by arms dealer when Ink Sprayer is in inventory.
    Tentacle Whip.png Tentacle Whip: Does 26 melee damage. It quickly extends and retracts, similar to the Flairon and Chain Guillotines. Has a range of 30 tiles. 20% drop chance.
    Whirlpool Scepter.png Whirlpool Scepter: Does 30 magic damage. Shoots a large whirlpool projectile at your enemies. Uses 30 mana per shot. 20% drop chance.
    Krakite Staff.png Krakite Staff: 16 summon damage. Summons a Krakite minion ( Krakite.png ) to fight for you. Uses 20 mana. 20% drop chance.
    Enchanted Hook.png Enchanted Hook: Does 20 melee damage, when thrown, it moves in a wide arc and comes back to the player like a boomerang. 20% drop chance. (And yet again a fantastic sprite by @Ai - T.a.S.A.I.
    Suckered Hook.png Suckered Hook: Shoots a single hook with a range of 24 tiles. This hook is unique because when it is fired at smaller enemies (zombies, werewolves, etc.), it will pull them to you. 12.24% drop chance.
    Kraken Trophy.png Kraken Trophy (Placed).png Kraken Trophy: 10% drop chance.
    Kraken Mask.png Kraken Mask: 14.29% drop chance
    Expert Mode:
    Kraken Treasure Bag.png Kraken Treasure Bag: 100% drop chance.
    Ink Globule.png Ink Globule: This accessory makes it so that double tapping Down encloses you in a cloud of toxic ink, dealing 20 damage to enemies in it and causing enemies outside the cloud to ignore you. The cloud lasts for 10 seconds. If you move outside of the cloud, enemies can see you and will attack you. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds. 100% drop chance from Kraken Treasure Bag.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion! Let me know what you think in the comments!

    Support the Kraken!

    Kraken Banner!.png

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    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  2. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    20 black ink is too expensive. The summoner should be made with ocean materials like coral or starfish and also bones to make sure you have killed skeletron.
  3. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    That sounds reasonable! I'll change it now!
  4. Almighty bobbit worm

    Almighty bobbit worm Skeletron Prime

    The problem is with using bones because mobile players get access to them pre skeletron. (Skeletons found in caves drop them)
    Terrarian_37 likes this.
  5. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I am just not sure if they will be removing that feature in 1.3, as I play mobile myself, but I see your point.
  6. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Updated with sprites finally!
    Terrarian_37 likes this.
  7. GamehunterMC

    GamehunterMC Terrarian

    I have a question for ya, Where did you find the "SAVE ORCAM" picture?
    (I am talking about this one.
  8. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I was just looking around in TCF and found it randomly.
  9. OfficalEyeOfCthulhu

    OfficalEyeOfCthulhu Eye of Cthulhu

    Good but should summon mini versions of it called inkers that are weaker when hurt
  10. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    That's basically what the Inklings are.
  11. OfficalEyeOfCthulhu

    OfficalEyeOfCthulhu Eye of Cthulhu

    Yup but i wondering their should be expert mode summons which are like inklings but stronger
    CalebtheTerrarian0414 likes this.
  12. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Oh, I knew I was forgetting something! I am going to add the Expert Mode behavior, and add the Inkers to it. They soundi pretty interesting!
  13. Explinorater

    Explinorater Plantera

    I feel like having black ink in the recipe shouldn't be a thing...
    You should probably have it drop with a 1% chance from water-based enemies after defeating Skeletron. This stops after you defeat the Kraken. Maybe you could also have a recipe, but not with black ink...
    Also, when you summon it, it should say, "The Kraken has been released..."
  14. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Thanks for the advice! I think that I will add the new summoning message, but I like the squid ink as a crafting material because it basically ‘upgrades’ the squid to the Kraken. I just think that fits.
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  15. Explinorater

    Explinorater Plantera

    Maybe two or three...
  16. ItsFyn

    ItsFyn Terrarian

    What's this, Duke Fishron? (Lol jk)
    Sounds like a fun fight. I agree with you there too, there aren't enough bosses that bridge the gap. Like Caseratis said it would also be nice if the summoning item was made using a wider variety of ocean items.
    Explinorater and Huzbubber Tim like this.
  17. nice suggestion you came, but the only thing that bothers me is sprites, they are poorly resized and bad
    Huzbubber Tim likes this.
  18. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Thanks! I know that the sprites aren’t sized right because the program I use makes them large for some reason and these are some of my earlier sprites too.
  19. ItsFyn

    ItsFyn Terrarian

    It's better than nothing though, right?
  20. Huzbubber Tim likes this.