The Last Post Wins!

Damn this fortress has a lot of fixing for me to do. So many dead ends or bridges that lead into the great beyond known as a drop straight into the lava below, just *sighs*
I barely have time to focus on the wiki browsing because of it.
I did this to myself to be honest
but on the plus side I chose a pretty nice one location-wise: Crimson Forest on one side bordered by Warped Forest in most of the fortress area, expanding a bridge made it lead to a basalt delta, and yeah.
Characters are fun sometimes.

Just making their personality, thinking about the things in their past that made them who they are...
The original line is just
"It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming..."
Which I suppose is a reference to another ending in the game in itself...
I think people just say that because I've heard similar phrases in different places my whole life.
Idea for this stupid bridge:

I make it go down to the area below by turning it into a spiral staircase.
...I'd post an update on those notes I put here in the morning, but I'm not sure if anyone would really care. For now I'm just going to go set up an underground crimson area somewhere in my post-moonlord switch world so I can get access to crafted crimson blocks.
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