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The Last Post Wins!


The Return of The Last Post Wins RPG!
•More CHARAs!
•Better skillsets!
•Stan Lee!
Toilet Paper! Tension Points! (Max is 100%)
•Borfllars as currency! (Max is 1,000,000 Borfllars)

1) AvaBorf (Supreme character, exclusive character for Huzbubber Tim): The representation of the holy force of heccin' Borfness! Use this violet tormentor to boop enemies to kingdom come!
1) Rain of Judgement: Raineth down holy Borfs to killeth thy enemy, quoteth Lord Borf: "Boop" (75% TP, 500 damage)
2) Bofa: It heals Bofa you two! (20% TP, 75 HP to 2 allies)
3) AvaShield: Summons a heccin' cute fluffy doggo shield to protect against damage (35% TP, 30 def)
Note: Holy representations aren't violent, so they can't earn LV

2) Xplorer of Ages (Mage/Assassin character, 475,000 Borfllars): This explorer has been throughout a myriad of journeys, rediscovering the hidden secrets of Borf. Uses Borf Magic to sneakily assassinate people and sabotage things.
1) Wololo: An enemy will fight for your cause! (50% TP)
2) Doppelgässassin: XoA will impersonate a higher authority and backstab the enemy (75% TP, insta-kill, +AvaShield to AvaBorf)
3) Enoof!: XoA will shout loudly, increasing your team's courage and strikes fear into your enemies' hearts! (100% TP, 3x stats for allies, -3x stats for enemies)
Note: XoA will occasionally find hidden Borf artifacts and relics that automatically goes to AvaBorf

3) Autonomous Viral Botsei (Ranger/Technician character, 500,000 Borfllars): Modern technology has met a ton of improvements, all of which are equipped on this Ralsei robot! Can decipher codes and hack software!
1) Pacify 2.0: Using an audio recording of Ralsei's record-breaking lullaby and a clip of fluffy boys, Botsei can spare all Tired enemies on screen (36% TP)
2) SonicBoom.exe: An audio recording made by the Jevil himself! Heavily damages and stuns enemies! (45% TP, effect depends on Spookiness)
Note: 1337 haxx0rz and water will insta-kill Botsei

4) Stan Lee (Supreme character, reward for finding all cameos): Excelsior!
1) Excelsior!: Excelsior! (101% TP, auto-completes game and unlocks all features)
2) Summon Revengers: Summons Holc, Fe Male, Sergeant Australia, Red Sorceress or Dark Dowager to fight enemies! (75% TP, 100 damage/attack)
Note: Excelsior!

5) Berdrly (Ranger/Fighter character, 250,000 Borfllars): Shoots Berd Siids at enemies or uses the Orly flail to knock enemies into next year!
1) Berden: Put your Orly flail on your enemies' body while sitting on them (25% TP, 7.5% of max HP as damage (One enemy))
2) Siid Slide: Fly around the battlefield while shooting siids at enemies (10% TP, 2% of max HP as damage (Full screen))
3) Berd Fly: Berdrly launches an enemy and throws him/her/it really far (65% TP, insta-kill)
Note: Shooting Siids require actual Siids, gotten from grezz

6) Sknowman (Mage/Technician character, 200,000 Borfllars): An intellectual snowman that utilizes mech and magic to dominate foes!
1) Snowmech Mk.XV: Summons a Snowmech Mk.XV to freeze enemies! (35% TP, stun 3 turns)
2) I See Cles: Rains down razor-sharp icicles to shred enemies! (20% TP, 50 damage)
3) Cryosleep: Lose 2 turns to fully heal! (40% TP, max HP)
Note: Heat damage deals 3x damage

7) Spectrum Gollum (Fighter/Mage character, starting character): A golem that was hit by the intense beam from the only remaining magical prism
1) Specterra Shard: Throws a sharp piece of Specterra at an enemy (10% TP, 50 damage)
2) Gollum Column: Smacks an enemy using a Specolumn, briefly stunning them (15% TP, 35 damage, stun 2 turns)
3) Beam of Light: Shoots a beam of pure concentrated rainbows (40% TP, 125 damage)
Note: Has a ton of HP

8) Fhoenix Fhighter (Assassin character, starting character): Uses the power of the inferno to make smoke screens and leave copies! Silently assassinates targets and flees by becoming the flame itself!
1) Firefighter: Fists of Flame deal more damage when attacking! (5% TP, +275% damage for next attack)
2) Infernal Kill: Damages all enemies present with tentacles of inferno! (35% TP, 50 damage (Full screen))
3) Smokescreen: Combusts a flammable material nearby to mess with vision (40% TP, +25% chance of miss for enemies)
Note: Water damage deals 3x damage

9) Penguin Overlord (Supreme character, exclusive character for Jetstream): Commands various penguin subjects to do his bidding! Kawaii!
1) Penguin Punch: A penguin punches an enemy and comically hyper-damages the enemy (50% TP, 75% of HP as damage)
2) Avian Assault: A penguin club gangs up on an enemy and beats the OOFZ out of them (40% TP, 444 damage)
3) Fish Feast: The Overlord eats a whole salmon (45% TP, 150 HP)
Note: Fish Feast requires actual salmon, gotten from fishing

10) Chara (Assassin chara, DETERMINATION.): A dirty brother killer.
1) X Slice: Slices an X onto an enemy's body (50% TP, 100 damage/turn, 3 turns)
2) SAVE: DETERMINATION. (100% TP, fully heals team)
3) RESET: The ability to play God (100% TP, completely resets game progress)
Note: *But Nobody Came

=More Coming Soon=
Basic Classes (Pre-ascension):
1) Fighter: Fights closely and has high HP. Cannot reach far targets. Has a weapon damage boost and gathers TP slower than others
2) Ranger: Can reach all targets but is fragile
3) Mage: Can gather TP faster than others and has a skill damage boost
4) Technician: Can hack some technology and can pilot various vehicles
5) Assassin: Deals extremely high damage but has extremely low HP
6) Supreme: Has all of these traits

Delta Classes (Post-ascension):
1) Gladiator: Has larger range than Melee classes
2) Hunter: Can hit all enemies in one attack
3) Warlock: Gathers TP extremely fast and has an arcane slot (Runes can be placed here that have various benefits)
4) Hacker: Can control robotic enemies and earns more Borfllars by hacking the Great Borf Bank
5) Murderer: Weapon damage ignores defense and can dodge attacks 25% of the time
6) Hyperdeath: Has all of these traits and can summon a Delta Rune weapon (Omni-element damage)
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