Short Story The Legend of Terrabrine

One day, long long ago, there was a man named Bobby. This man was a great warrior, who trekked across the land of Terraria in search of great treasure. Some called him, '@BobbyTheWarrior'.

One day he decided to search in a new land named World 30. Now this land was no ordinary land, because when he ventured through the land, he noticed something very strange. Another land had appeared next to him. It looked just like World 30, but he also noticed something... It was also named World 30 [insert dramatic music here]. People claimed the world appeared 5 days before the original World 30 had appeared. Yet, no one had seen it until then. Bobby decided he'd venture through the duplicate world to see what had happened. As he made his way through the land, he was noticing strange objects appearing, that almost looked man-made, yet no one had been through that land. As he went through the deepest of caves, he noticed strange noises and lights coming from a small cavern close to him. When he approached it, the sounds stopped and there was no more light. He went to investigate the cavern and noticed a message written on the wall with a strange never-before seen substance. What it said made his heart sink. It said, "Those who see the lights, must perish in darkness." He knew too himself that the lights he saw in the cavern previously, were the lights that this writing was talking about. He knew his end was near. He ran out of the cavern as fast as he could, but he noticed as he got closer and closer to the exit, the light started to get dimmer and dimmer. All light completely vanished and he could not see a thing. The last thing he heard was the quiet words of 'Terra' before there was a flash of light, and he was consumed by the darkness, and was too never exist as a mortal or living being again. He was turned into the Terrabrine, an undead soul who cannot be killed, and can not be seen through the sight of normal eyes. He can only be seen from the darkness.

Part 2 maybe? Idk. Thanks for reading though :) If it was a lame story, that is because it was semi-rushed as I wanted to be the first to make something like this, because as soon as I saw the comment @BobbyTheWarrior and @Ipos posted, I immediately thought of this and decided to make a quick story about it.

Inspiration from @Ipos
uh oh.. maybe hes real ;( havent seen him yet but i have my share button ready on ps4!!
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