The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.


Got another one to add:

Ballos from Cave Story. On his own, he’s a tough fight; but the fact you fight him at the end of a gauntlet and do said gauntlet all over again if you die is just EVIL!
we all have fought those bosses
For me it is viper from titanfall 2. He pilots a titan that uses a sniper rail cannon, flies around non stop, and shoots a s*** ton of rockets occasionally. Nuff said
For me it was a boss called The Orphan Of Kos and it's move set was so hard to read and understand and the damage was insane, it's quick, annoying, loud and don't even get me started on stage 2

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Verdugo from Resident Evil 4, it moved insanely fast and if you run out of nitrogen tanks there's no way to kill him and you spend what felt like 15 minutes trapped with him.


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Definitely by far Gold Mask from Soul Knight.

His PKP attack is unfair high spread RNG bullet spam, and can't be interrupted by stun or freeze.
The debuff pools from the poop air strikes cover a huge part of the arena, and along with dealing damage, have a 100% chance to, when even barely walking into them, inflict the weary debuff, which cuts your attack speed in half.
The splitter cannon attack would be fine if he didn't shoot so many bullets at once and start using another attack before the bullets are gone.
And all this would be a lot more tolerable if he didn't constantly run around like he snorted his weight in cocaine before you fight him.


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The poltergeist from splatterhouse (1988), The eyeball painting is such an hard a:red: d:red: , and oh the chandelier that falls on the ground it will instantly kill rick just avoid it.
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