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The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.


Eye of Cthulhu
we all have fought those bosses
For me it is viper from titanfall 2. He pilots a titan that uses a sniper rail cannon, flies around non stop, and shoots a s*** ton of rockets occasionally. Nuff said

Neoshadow Ω

For me personally, out of all of the games I've played up until the time posting this, the most annoying boss I've ever faced was
the final boss, Proteus Ridley.
The attacks are pretty easy to get the hang of dodging at first, but then things get a bit overwhelming as the stages of the fight progress. And the worst part of it all? Die at any point in any of the three stages and you go straight back to the beginning, all the way back to stage one.
I'm not going to go into any details of the attacks themselves for the sake of spoilers.


Ice Queen
I'm inclined to say the watcher knights from hollow knight, but this little voice is telling me something different.
Miiiinecraaaft, it whispers.
Well then.
I'd say it's a tie between the enderdragon and the wither. The enderdragon requires you to get 12 ender pearls(an uncommon drop from an uncommon enemy) to access, and you need to make them into eyes of ender and throw them into the air so they float in the direction of a stronghold so you can follow them, but they have a chance to break when you use them, and once you're above the stronghold(they're underground) they just go down into the ground and you don't have much hope of getting them back. So when you finally find the stronghold, you need to activate the portal with up to 12 eyes of ender, and then when you go through the portal you can't go back until you either die or kill the dragon, and sometimes you can spawn on a platform above the void(kills you and deletes your items) a good ways from the main floating island, which gives the dragon plenty of opportunity to knock you off(in all senses of the term), and once you get to the island you have to avoid looking at the 4890279 endermen there because they'll attack you if you do, and the dragon vaporizes any block you place on contact, and it constantly heals until you destroy a bunch of ender crystals which are situated atop really high towers, and if you pillar up to try to break them up close they explode and kill you, and finally the frickin dragon just flies around ignoring you for like an hour and you have to slowly whittle it's health down with arrows, and if you run out you're out of luck because sword enchantments deal no damage to the dragon, and then when you finally kill it it just drops a bunch of xp and an egg which is difficult to collect and sometimes falls into the exit portal and vaporizes, and when you leave you go back to your spawn point so if you want to go back to the end(the place the first portal takes you), you have to go all the way back to the stronghold.


So the frickn wither requires 3 wither skeleton skulls to spawn, which are very rare drops from rare enemies, and then when you spawn it it explodes after a few seconds, and just hovers directly over you so all you see is its butt(or spine, as it were) and constantly shoots exploding poison skulls at you, and it can break almost any block including obsidian(nigh indestructible), and it constantly heals, and if you die it'll most likely blow up your stuff, and even if it doesn't you have to get past it to retrieve your stuff before 5 minutes are up or it vanishes forever, and when you do kill it the whole thing is over in about a minute or less with either you or it dying, and after all that trouble, it drops a FRICKIN LAMP!
Ok it's a beacon, but it just shoots a glowy beam into the air and gives you a status effect like speed or regeneration if you put it on top of a pyramid of like 382561789 ore blocks which are made with 9 pieces of certain ores so that's like 8359187589139 pieces and you get a FRICKN LAMP.

Mojang are not the best game developers.

Lunar Liam

The most annoying boss I'VE ever fought HAS to be the ShockHopper Mk. II from StarBound. Its attacks are really hard to dodge, and you have to fight it very early on. The ShockHopper Mk. II a battle mech, so some of its attacks are even harder. The battle begins with a few homing missiles. Then, it turns to a flamethrower, followed by patterned lighting bolts and a cool down, which you then attack it. Then, the ShockHopper Mk. II repeats the same pattern, but this time with fists after the lighting bolts. That's when the battle gets hard. After that, the exact same pattern again, but each attack gets quicker and the ShockHopper Mk. II attacks more frequently, so each attack lasts longer, which you then destroy it. By the way, the ShockHopper Mk. II is being controlled by a penguin by the name of Dr. Akaggy.


that is a tough question but i would say the darkness from skylanders superchargers. it took me and my brother 30 dollars worth of skylanders and about a month to beat him:/ it happened a long time ago so its hard to remember his attacks tho

Bloonjitsu Master

Official Terrarian
I've Just Started Secret Of Mana, And I'd Have To Say Mech Rider 2. Probably Wouldn't Have Been So Bad If I Had More Then One Cup Of Wishes, But I Didn't. GOD That Fight Was Annoying, MISS MISS MISS MISS LOL MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS LMFAO MISS. Not Looking Forward To Mech Rider 3.

Neoshadow Ω

If I can change my answer, I'd like to change mine to the Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Well, the one in the quest "The Steel Vanguard" anyway (considering it's the only Kushala Daora quest I've done so far).
Honestly, I'm really not sure if this thing counts as a boss per say, but it was still annoying as f:red2: the first few times I fought it. Now I actually do pretty well, but HOLY HELL did this thing do damage to me the first couple of times. I had armor that was only a level or two lower in tier than the quest had been labelled, but the Daora still one-shotted me with literally every attack. I ended up having to rely on G-Rank hunters to help me kill the thing because every time I tried with people my level I died all three times, causing a quest failure. Now, Obviously, after running away from it and letting the High-Rankers do their thing I ended up getting enough materials from it to make some armor. I don't have the full set yet (I wanted to get it legitimately, so I only did this for enough armor that I wouldn't be one-shotted) but I have been able to do the quest with people my level without fainting every two minutes.


Skeletron Prime
Dungeon Guardian (no cheese strats) or Black knight in shovel knight specter of torment new game + Thai first one is obvious but I don't know why I struggled with the second one....


Skeletron Prime
Dungeon Guardian (no cheese strats) or Black knight in shovel knight specter of torment new game + Thai first one is obvious but I don't know why I struggled with the second one....
DG doesn't count as a boss. Mine is probably the Brain of Chthlu or whatever it's called in Terraria. It spawns Creepers which kill you.
EDIT: It's not that bad, I was a noob who completely ignored the Space Gun.
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The Longinus units in Persona 2: Innocent Sin, for 3 reasons:
1: Unlike most bosses, they're usually fought in groups (Except for the first fight with them, in which you fight a single one... but with only 2 characters instead of 5)
2: They look the same. This means that, unless you keep track of their names, you're bound to end up using the wrong moves on them at least once (Often by using a skill they're not weak to because another mech in the group is weak to the skill's element), specially in the fight in Caracol, as it's less likely for you to have your team with Personas with "Hits all enemies" skills.
3: They have a near-unique skill that disables the affected character's Persona. This means that they can temporarily disable skills, making them a chore to defeat, as they are rather spongy. However, it also causes them to lose their turn if affected before they could cast a skill, unlike other ailments simply causing them to use their normal attack.
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Wierd octopus dude from Dragon Quest 8, had most annoying voice and was pretty tough when I first played through. Also, talked to his tentacles a lot...


Eye of Cthulhu
Another one for me has to be the Man on Fire from MGSV TPP. Sure their are a good number of ways to beat him (like ramming him with a jeep and driving it over a nearby cliff) but God help you if you don't know the exact way to do those things


Duke Fishron
The Crab boss from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I never know where to stand to avoid taking damage. Their pattern doesn't really seem to transfer easily from one "pattern" subset to another to predict their moves. There's a medal that you can get for each boss if you take no damage for the entire fight, and I don't think I've ever successfully gotten a medal for it yet.

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