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Hi! My name is Rachel (aka TheQueenoftheStorm) and this here is my official overhaul pack! My plan is to slowly but surely make my way through the entire game, respriting everything! See the changelogs below, and look at the images for what sprites are in each update!

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Version 1.10:
The hyperfixation is BACK and that means I'm working on updates! If it wasn't obvious, my motivation is entirely driven on hyperfixation, and as such I never finished this update before I lost motivation. This is a mixture of some new content and a lot of old do-overs due to a new style I've been developing!
- Resprited the Voodoo Demon and Demon
- Resprited the Lava Slime
- Resprited the Hellbat
- Resprited the Fire Imp
- Resprited the Blowpipe and Blowgun
- Redid all of the sprites from 1.0 and 1.1
- Resprited all of the metal bars!
- Gave Tim the retextured robe and hat
- Remade all of the robes from amethyst to diamond, all with their distinct looks and new names! They're the amethyst cloak, topaz surcoat, sapphire robe, emerald platemail, ruby chainmail, amber chainmail, diamond robe
- Most of the guns WILL be redone, but I wanted to at least get some general concept art down!

Version 1.9:
- I was on break, so I made this update fairly small
- Remade all of the tree trunks of trees that had wood, and recolored the leaves to fit them
- Turtle and Beetle armor got made into the Light and Dark Lord from Soda Dungeon! Which one is the recolor? :)

Version 1.8:
- I need sleep LMAO
- AAAAAANYWAYS y'all know how changed a lot of sprites?
- Yeah I changed all of the sprites that got new sizes
- From left to right and top to bottom, the items are:
- Chlorophyte Armor
- Meteorite Armor
- Meteorite Ore
- Meteorite Bar
- Chlorophyte Ore
- Chlorophyte Bar
- Zombie Arm
- Starfury
- The Grinder
- War Axe of the Night
- Nightmare Pickaxe
- Molten THICCaxe (accidentally made the pick head too large lmao)
- Molten Hamaxe
- Meteor Hamaxe
- Keybrand
- Katana
- Frostbrand
- Beam Sword
- Fetid Baghnakhs
- Falcon Blade
- Exotic Scimitar
- Death Sickle
- Chlorophyte Warhammer
- Chlorophyte Claymore
- The phasesabers
- Bladed Glove
- Chlorophyte Pickaxe
- Breaker Blade
- Bone Pickaxe
- Bone Sword
- Blood Lust Cluster
- Deathbringer Pickaxe
- Flesh Grinder
- Axe of Regrowth
- In addition, I replaced a pet with the tiny halberd. It drops from zombies, and I don't wanna spoil it uwu

Version 1.7:
- I heard ya like wood
- All wood blocks, armors, and tools have been sprited
- Fixed a few old inventory sprites to better represent their new armors
- I stream these btw
- Spent 4 hours on just tiles on twitch.tv/thefrostpaladin
- You should follow wink wink nudge nudge

Version 1.6:
- No new items this update, but the pack should be a lot more visually appealing!
- Armor inventory sprites have yet to be fully changed, but should be done in 1.7!

Version 1.5:
- Pack Icon got changed
- Mining Armor got redone to fit the whole nature/mining theme this update sort of took
- Dirt and all grass has been changed
- Stone has been changed
- Gray bricks were changed, and stone slabs were tinted to fit the same color scheme
- Red Bricks were changed
- Blue Bricks were changed, and the tile/slab walls were tinted to fit the same color scheme (brick walls were changed)
- Sand was changed
- Snow was changed
- Clay was changed
- Mud and mud grass was changed
- All ores that currently have an armor set have been changed
- Wood has been changed
- Ash blocks were changed
- Some UI changes, namely to the main menu and the bestiary
- Would've spent more time on the update but I never want to look at a tile sheet again (at least until I have to make more lol)

Version 1.4:
- Made item sprites for EVERY SINGLE ARMOR PIECE I MISSED. This will be a standard for the future
- Continued to change item names, such as changing the early-game helmets to coifs
- Not shown, but the UI for the bars health style has been changed. I plan to continue to make the UI in this style
- All of the pre-mech repeaters have been sprited, as well as bars for demonite through hallowed
- Hallowed armor, the hallowed lance, the gungnir, the durendal, the pwnhammer, the drax, and the pickaxe axe all got resprites based off of the styles used for aetheria and glacial crash (excalibur/true excalibur)
- the gem robes have all gotten changed to recolors of the robe, and the robe has become a recolored version of the shimmered wizard's set
- The wizard's hat and star cloak were given a new blue look, almost looking like a lighter mage set
- The ancient iron and gold helmets have been added
- Fixed some issues with the walk cycle for the early-game metal greaves

Version 1.3:
- Sprited the armor and tools of the rest of the pre-mech ore sets (cobalt through titanium)
- Changed the pixie set to the Sailor Moon set for my friend Shay
- Changed the slap hand to the moon stick for my friend Shay
- Changed the Storm Spear to the Ice Partisan and resprited the Dark Lance for my friend Aggressive Bungee

Version 1.2:
- Volcano was resprited into an axe
- Still working on recoloring all the hairstyles and clothing
- Adamantite armor, molten armor, and shadow armor got resprited based around different historical helmets (the visored arnet, hounskull, and salet bevor respectively)
- Recolored ancient shadow armor while I figure out what I want to do with it
- The Adamantite Sword is now a great mace

Version 1.2 Pre-Relase:
- Gender Neutral Player Hurt Sounds (Because I'm Enby)
- Skin color changes and some player hair/clothing changes (WIP)
- Crimson armor and all the night's edge swords have been retextured
- No new screenshots until 1.2 comes out officially

Version 1.1
- Sprited EVERY SINGLE GUN IN THE GAME. I will probably go back and resprite some of them, but I wanted to sprite all guns on my twitch (twitch.tv/icequeenrachel)
- Specre armor, bars, pickaxe, wings, and hamaxe all changed to fit the theme of my friend and stream moderator Chromatic_Prism (yes that includes the spectre helmet)
- All early game bows (Wood through platinum) have been resprited
- Night's Edge got resprited, and Excalibur has been changed to my sword Aetheria

Version 1.0.1
- Glacial Crash actually looks like a poleaxe now
- Yeah that's it lol

Version 1.0
- Initial Release
- Has resprites for all of the 8 tiers of early metal
- Recolors the gilded horse
- Replaces the robe with the shimmered wizard robes, and the wizard hat with the shimmered wizard hat
- Changes angel wings to actually look good (a solar wings recolor)
- Recolors the Hoardragon pet into Miniswave
- Resprites True Excalibur into Glacial Crash (my poleaxe), albeit with a curved shaft due to how Terraria sprites work


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