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tModLoader The Perplexity Mod

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Content Mod Created and Directed by DaysGone (RainnyDays)

A content mod that has no real theme. It will have several sub themes that are completely built upon, but no stable complete theme. As stated before, this mod is a content mod. Containing a bit of everything, somethings will be more unique than others. The dev team will try and keep everything balanced with the vanilla game until it reach post Moonlord.

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Perplexity Mod Wiki

0.1v Release on tMod Mod Browser
Direct Download

Rainn - Director, Coder
@IDGCaptainRussia - Coder
Crossknight - Spriter
Wild Woof - Spriter
Wafflebear/FedoraStoat - Idea creator

Firebreak Set:

A set of tools crafted from Burning Souls. Burning souls are dropped from every hell enemy in pre-hardmode. This set is one of the last sets in Pre-Hardmode in Perplexity.
(This may be pushed to Early-Hardmode)

Burning Souls:
Dropped by all enemies in hell during Pre-Hardmode. Each enemy will drop 1 100% of the time.

Atomic Judgement (Firebreak Scythe):
A boomerang weapon that shoots 2 projectiles, with a total of 35 damage 2x.

Reign of Terror (Firebreak Bow):
Shoots 2 projectiles at the cost of 1 at 28 damage.

Nuclear Annihilation (Yo-Yo):
Shoots 2 projectile upon use, 1 projectile moves in a chaotic manner for 5 mins, then returns to the player. This does 32 damage.

Thermodynamic Horror (Firebreak Sword):
Does nothing super special, does flat 32 damage.

Firebreak Armor:
25 Defense total, Set Bonus (In future) inflicts On Fire debuff to enemies and does thorns upon taking damage.


Deceased Armor:

Deceased armor is a direct upgrade to Necro armor. It increases your Ranged damage by
10% and gives you a total of 22 Defense.


Parasitic Hive:
The Parasitic Hive spawns upon the death of the Wall of Flesh. It acts similar to the Meteor, it spawning upon a boss's death and initiating a message. This biome introduces a new boss, items, armor, and much more to come. The lore behind this biome is in heavy WIP.

Lunacy Tools.:

Mined from the Parasitic Hive, technically the first set in hardmode (So you don't have to get Cobalt and such first thing.)

Florae Scourge:
A new mini-boss that is intertwined in the Parasitic Hive.
This boss is meant to be fought in between WoF and the Mechanical Bosses. Containing only 1 stage, it does feature a few unique attributes no boss has that early in hardmode.

The Afterburner:

A ranged weapon that does a new type of damage (This may be removed in the future).
It does 30 damage constantly and uses normal bullets
Has a 50% chance of not consuming ammo.

Reaver of the Cosmos
A new sword that comes to this mod. During use, it will shoot a puff of dust that stays
for 5 seconds, doing constant damage to enemies.


@StargazerSammie : Dreadwood idea!
BlushieMagic: tModLoader
Relogic: Terraria
IDGCaptainRussia: Code for several things, mainly bosses.
RiverOaken: Contributing sprites
Hallam_9K: Helping with code
Zevix: Code and Testing
Jopojelly: Boss checklist + support

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