The Sea Foam Block

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  1. Ant Sil

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    The ocean is a wet dark place with lots of sand.

    The Sea foam block would work like upside down sand but only placeable in water.

    If you placed it at the bottom of the ocean it would float to the top. (speed should be bubble like, the more blocks the faster or more erratic)

    Ability to be counter balanced. If the Sea Foam Block was settled on the surface and you placed a seafoam block under it it would raise the first sea foam block out of the water and it would rest on top. If you placed a sand block on top of it it would drop 1 below the surface.

    The Ocean Biome could have foam blocks that float out of the floor as sand is removed .

    I think that neat under water Ocean Cave would be cool. (delicate and deadly if miss managed)

    If the ocean should be drained the foam would just drop straight to the ground and not flow off with the water.

    If a house was to built on top of it would stay stationary where it was and not fall with the water level.

    Sea Foam Blocks to the left or right of a Sea Foam Block would work the same as Sand next to Sand.

    I think that is all For The Sea Foam Block.
    Foam In between sand and water : [​IMG]

    Stand alone block : [​IMG]

    3x3 Block : [​IMG]

    Sea Faom Block in action : [​IMG]

    Supporter Suggestions
    - Speed Bonus (slippery when wet) MadCat

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  2. MadCat

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    This would be cool! My only recommendation is to give it a speed bonus when it is stood on because for whatever reason it seems like it should be slippery. Support for you!
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  3. Ant Sil

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    LOL i did not think of that, that could be fun.

    What do you think about a jump debuff also ?

    Similar to what happens when you jump in water, maybe not as drastic tho.
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    Your thread man do what you want! My opinion should no longer effect you.
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    Cool I would love this.
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