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Working as Designed The sonar potion has changed


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Windows 10
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the writing on the effect of the sonar potion has changed from this

to this

or this


it's just not as it's supposed to be I can't tell the difference between a golden crate or a bass

it used to be the same color as the name of the fish but it just looks blue, blurry and weird

Please fix it

It has nothing to do with the void bag I didn't have on in there
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Duke Fishron
This may be intended. This means that your inventory is full, and has gone into your Void Bag. The blue outline indicates that it went to your bag, and you need to check there instead of your inventory. This would not occur with empty slots in. your inventory. (May also occur with encumbering stone, not sure, haven't tried.)


the sonar potion has nothing to do with inventory it sais what fish you can fish if you dont like it you can just skip to the next fish and my inventory was not full and i never used a void bag


I think the blue outline is probably intentional. While I don't think it has gone into your void bag (as that gives items a purple text outline and fill colour) this seems like something for flavour - I'll have to check myself to confirm, though.


Brain of Cthulhu
This is an intentional change, but it's not due to your inventory or the Void Bag. The blue outline you see distinguishes the Sonar Potion's text from usual pick-up text. (Similar to how Void Bag's purple outline distinguishes it from normal pickup text.)

Try fishing during a Blood Moon with a Sonar Potion one night to see the full effect of the text changes. ;)
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