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  1. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    hi there! Welcome to my story/lore/bio! Here you can read everything about my character that a play as!
    Lightmare, the warrior of Good
    When I was born, I was pure. I had two brothers, Zeras, and Craftamus. Growing up Zeras was friendly as can be, we ran around and played games day in and day out. As we grew up we began the grow away from each other, I was into science, he was sporty. Then one day, he disappeared. I grew up alone, with parents until I was 15. Both died to an unknown disease. going back to an old project (a new land), as I was almost done, I knocked a blue test tube into the mix! An explosion that followed knocked me out, when I woke up, I saw a beautiful land infront of me....
    I saw unicorns and pixies as I walked through this new land. Fascinated, I approached a pixie. When I touched it, it disappeared into thin air in a shower of dust. The dust flew into my face. I coughed but strangely, the dust didn't sting! Rather, it made me feel, almost, strong. I approached a unicorn, cautiously, it gave a friendly neigh and I realized something. "i had a saddle back in my workshop!" I said to myself. I went back a got it along with a bag of marshmallows. I returned and befriended the unicorn, after having half the bag of mallows, he allowed me to saddle up. I rode him around and even built a pen for him!...
    I decided to venture underground after that. I entered the caverns and I couldn't believe my eyes! The whole big cave I was in was beautiful! With these strange crystals on the walls and the specters all around, I was in heavan! I met a double of ghost wandering about. They seemed quite friendly and even gave me a sword! The Excalibur! I turned it over a few times in my hands. Then I heard a roar. Cowering, the ghost points to a wall. I walked toward it and made a wood wall, making a box for me, I then attached some bombs to the wall and waited for them to blow...
    What I saw almost brought tears to my eyes. Ahead was a dark cavern filled with two things: hallowed carcasses and corruption Creatures. I was both outraged and sad. "Craftamus, you monster," I said to myself.
    Craftamus was my evil brother and lord of this place. I walked a few steps further. Then I heard a screeching roar again, I turned a saw a filthy creature ahead of me: An Eater. I raised my sword and it started to hum and glow. I was startled as it released a bolt of energy at the eater and the creature exploded into pieces. I had a thought,"the beam let off some light, I have no torches, but maybe to see I can send off more energy...
    <this chapter is from Zeras's point of view, not mine>
    As I left the shadow-Stalkers guild HQ with my new job, I set out for the corruption. Arriving, I found the hole I was looking for, I tied a rope in case my boots ran out of fuel. I jumped down and wandered for a bit, killing eaters as I went. Then I came upon an awesome castle, "holy [bleep]", I said to myself. I peered through a window and saw three people. a mercenary, a beautiful woman, and Craftamus. The outlaw/mercenary turned around and I realized that this was no outlaw or mercenary. It was Qui Devorat, Legendary in the Shadow-Stalkers guild. I saw him say something to Craftamus and run out the front door, as he turned he saw me. I ran towards the entrance as fast as I could, however, the rope was blocked by an army of eaters, panicking, I stopped when bullet whizzed past me. I turned around and saw two men now: Devorat and another man. I fired up my boots and flew out of there. When I returned to the guild, I gave the item I was to collect to Octavio and told him I needed to see the guild master. He led me down a hall and into a den...
    as I went through the caves, I saw and killed many eater and worms, Casting the energy as I went. I came upon a fort and looked inside. Craftamus, and Devorat were talking in there. I could hear snippets of it through to barrier of a window: ..."so you want him alive or..."' Devorat said ..."I see, how do you plan to catch both of them?",Craftamus says... Suddenly, Qui whips around and walks out the the entrance but doesn't spot me. However, a strange figure sprang out of nowhere and ran the other direction with Qui giving chase. I second man burst out the door with a big hammer in hand: "Sword-bomb," I said under my breath. I decided to head back to the barrier leading into the hallow and rally some troops, it was time to plan...
    As I walked into the guild master's office, I was slightly nervous.
    I mean, this guy can kill you in a flash. You would be bleeding out before you knew you were stabbed. I handed the vial over to him and was about to leave when he said, "Zeras, stay for a minute, I want to speak with you," So I did. He proceeded with, "I understand you have a scientist for a brother, am I correct?" I nodded. "I also understand that he once made a killing serum, am I correct?" I nodded again. "I have a job for you: you are to talk to him and tell him to make another sample of the serum, if our suspicions are correct, the purple army is to invade us soon, we must be ready," he said. "Go now," he added. I nodded and left. "And by the way, Zeras, you can speak to me, and you may call me Frey," he added on my way out. I nodded and said, "thank you, Frey" I walked out.
    "You have a job today! One job only! To kill as many of the enmy as possible!", I shouted these words to the hallowed army. "We have word they are to hit hill 500 in an hour!", I yelled. Suddenly, a currier walked up. "Um... Mister, Lightmare, sir? I have a message from Craftamus," I read it and couldn't believe my eyes, at the bottom four name were signed: Craftamus, Devorat, Matsu, and the dreaded leader of the dungeon army: Samrux.
    My mouth dropped open, not only had Craftamus managed to recruit two of the greatest warriors but he was this cocky. But I knew all three reasons why two rival would team up: 1. They are cowards 2.their armies are only
    big enough together, or 3. They want to be sure of winning. I hoped it was not the third one. The hallowed army is big, at 43000 soldiers, but not big enough for both full size armies: 34000 for the corruption, and 27000 for the dungeon. The army must march...
    Before the March I knew one thing must happen: get help.
    If the numbers are that high for the enemy, we must counter.
    I sent three letters to people: I sent a letter to the leader of the jungle, a letter to the frost tribe, and a letter to the cursed under world. For these reasons, the corruption has invaded all of these places at least once, in the last Great War we were all allies, and the armies combined were just only big enough. I did some quick math
    61000 for the enemy
    43000 hallowed + the 5000 from the under world
    48000 + the 8000 from the frost
    56000 + the 10000 from the jungle
    66000 should be enough to take them down.
    Later... When we were marching, we stumbled upon a small dead cell of corruption monsters: a mix of dogs and warriors. Suddenly, a small whimper came from the pile, and a wounded dog appeared! It's muzzle was nearly destroyed, so, he was put in the medic wagon and we kept going. When we reached a crossroad, the sound of marching came from a tunnel. When it appeared, it was a sight to see! Ancient lhizards on flying snakes along side hornets and regular lihzahrds with nearly 2000 golems at the front, all lead by a parrot in chlorophyte armor: Stormconure...
    "Hello, Lightmare," storm said, "is the penguin here yet?"
    I shook my head, "we are waiting," I said in response.
    We waited for what seems like hours before we hear marching in a tunnel, then the ice tribe comes into view: ice golems at the front, an army of Eskimos, and of course 2000 penguins in frost armor. There was a lot of talking after that, mostly us trying to agree on an attack plan, finally we settled on a plan and began marching to the barricade. As we got there we waited, waited for the underworld to show, their leader said they would open a hole in the ground to join us, but they didn't show. Finally, we simply broke through the barricade without them, however, when we crossed over, the opposition was waiting for us. But, something was very wrong, at the front of the army was the inhabitants of the underworld, nearly twice as big as expected! Each demon in the army (about 4000 of the 9400) had tenmpr more demon scythes on hand, the first people in our army were run down by these, so, instead of charging straight on, we played it safe, by shooting down down their front line and advancing, fast. But one thing we didn't count on was the sheer amount of demons and imps! The imps began lobbing fireballs at us as we got closer, creating a fiery field of frost, hallow, and jungle creatures. As the chaos elementals began to be able to teleport, the hornets started shooting their stingers, as well as the golems using their fists and fireballs. The opposition's line was broken, in some cases, literally: piles of skeleton bones lie about to this day. Suddenly, we were at the fort...
    As the army reached the fort, the necros fled into a cave (or what was left of them) me, storm, and Zemmy went in. Surprisingly, the fort had few guards, the few around were easy to take down. A door led off to the side in the main throne room.
    We ignored it for now, the rest of the castle was searched and no one found anything. The only place left was the east tower.
    It was a long flight of stairs before the second floor was reached. There, we launched into a duel. Three people across the room: Qui Devorat duel-wielding Venus magnums (hehe much pun), Samrux with his hammer, and Matsu with two improved ball 'o' hurts. In response, Zemmy drew his North Pole, I drew my true excalibur, and Storm was ready to pummel.
    The battle began. I took on Matsu, zemmy took Samrux, and storm was weaving left and right, trying to get in for a slash at Qui. The battle was long, an excalibur is not the best way to go, so half way through, I drew my sun furies and began to weave it around. I knocked one flail out of his hand and conked him in the head with the other. He fell to the floor and groaned. I was going to help the others but they yelled for me to take out Nightmare. I went to the opposite side of the room where there was a stair case. I climbed up it and was in an astronomer's nook, despite the fact we were in a cave. I saw Noghtmare and he saw me. "Hello, brother", he sneered. I drew my sword, and he started to laugh his gut out. I didn't know why, so I sent a beam at him. But as soon as I swung my blade, the beam never made it. I groaned with pain as a blade pierced my backside. A dagger was buried in me as I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was a small, purple, blade.
    When I regained consciousness, I was at the surface. I saw the corruption in the distance. When I sat up, I winced: a broken shoulder. I stood up and decided to go to my inn first. When I got there, it was in ruins. Every last room was either destroyed or a pile of rubble. I checked the guide's room, the dryads room, the arms dealer's room and the Wizards room, all in ruins. I knew the steampunker kept a diary, so I went to her room next. When I got there, the room had caved in. I checked her desk and the diary was there. I opened it and began reading.
    "day 14:
    After being in my new house for two weeks, my innkeeper said he would go on a mining raid down below. He said that if we flick a lever the whole building would fight for us. It was never used except on the last night before he was scheduled to be back, the moon turned red. Creatures charged the inn. The front door was down in minutes. Scott the guide ran to hit the lever, he hit it, but was eaten seconds after. Spiky balls rained down as I ran for my room. The window was broken across the hall in the clothier's room. Eyes of all different kind poured in. It was madness! In panic, I dove under my bed a waited out the siege.
    When sun cast light on the floor, I got out from under the bed and looked around. Cracks In the walls, doors on the floor, and the guide missing."
    Day ?
    "When the siege ended, I went around the inn and looked though the rubble, I found the goblin tinkerer. He said that he saw Scott get dragged off to a cave and that Merlin has a ward on the place to keep the solar eclipse monsters out. I wondered what he meant. solar eclipse? I said. What? Yes... It is 8am but it is still dark, he said. He pointed out the cracked window. I saw what appeared to be a swampy creature lurking around. And a purple tint farther out." "Well then", I said to myself, "it seems as though something happened here. I should check the shrine down below." "Strange, the door is intact", I said. I reached to open the door only to find it was locked. I smashed the door to pieces. But as I walked in I got a razor sharp leaf to the face and was blown out. I walked back with my sword drawn and saw a pitiful bunch. Nissa, dolgen and Merlin, all in ragged clothes, had their weapons ready, but sheathed them when they saw it was me. The first thing that happened next was me noticing that in place of her usual vines were an old outfit. Bland and old. I looked next to the rest of the shelter. I found: Cedric the clothier sitting in the corner muttering to him self, Ada the steampunker cooking a bunny, Mobart and black beard sitting on chairs, and the dye trader picking through a pile of something. Many were missing, so I asked Dolgen. He said that the trufflewanted to go back to his home, the cyborg was that pile the dye trader was picking through. And all the rest were unknown. "You see", he said," we scattered in all directions, we were smart to hide in the bunker. We know that the guide most likely is dead, but maybe the others found shelter,".

    More to come...
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  2. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism