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Favorite version?

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The worst thing in the world is when I have to fight people who just spam their flinching-inducing projectile-based neutral special. Just stop doing that before I have to stop your ability to breathe.


Official Terrarian
I think a main is the least of your problems, lol. just play who you like and that comes naturally. gotta teach you how to play neutral, shielding, grabbing, spot dodging, rolling, tilts, all of that first before you settle on a main


Yeah, ROB and his dtilt is stupid good. Comes out really fast. His dthrow at high percents is basically a guaranteed kill as well. Nair has really good range, and the "robble" is stupid good. It takes timing but it's 60% in only a few seconds.


Official Terrarian
I’m a richter main and ganon/Ken secondary right now so I’m kinda the scum of the earth but hey, it’s alright. pichu is my greatest weakness with the Lucina family in close second, I’m not super familiar with most matchups bc I’ve only been to a few college friendlies but I’m getting there.


Yo, wussup? New guy in the house.

I'm a Mario main and I sometimes play Inkling and Pichu. I struggle a little with the aforementioned, adorable mouse.
One of my biggest weaknesses is that I struggle to play neutral. Perhaps someone could help me?

And I'd like to battle someone, but I can't really battle anyone because I moved to a new location, and I had to ship my Switch to said location.
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