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A mod that adds a vibrant new biome to the world of Terraria.

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The mod revolves around the eponymous Verdant biome, a lush biome bursting with vibrant greens, foliage blooming as water rushes throughout.
With over 70 items, 60 tiles, 9 walls, 3 (current) songs and various new enemies, the biome is full of content for you all to try out and enjoy!

Note: On release, this mod will only have content up to Hardmode. In the future, it will be updated to contain a full game's worth of progression & content!


Here's a small showcase of what this mod has to offer!

Lush Healing Staff


- Summon item -
"Summons a sacred healing flower.
Stay near the plant to gain some extra regeneration.
You can only summon one at a time.
Use again while its already out to move the flower."


This item allows the player to spawn a flower which, when in the aura, heals the player over time.
In singleplayer, only one flower can be out at once, but perhaps that changes with some friends.

Lush Fishing Rod


26 fishing power
"Gives off light when held"


A simple fishing rod that gives off light when used, not only at the end of the rod, but on the bobber as well.

There's also a couple ambient critters throughout the biome! The primary two are Floties,


and Flotinies, which are usually found around their larger friends -


These little guys glow in the dark, occasionally brightening up the usually darkened pits of the underground.

Finally, the primary track of the underground.
This will be one of ideally 5 tracks, 3 of which are finished.

Of course, all of these things are just a fraction of what you can experience in this mod.
Stay tuned!

Credit & Thanks


@GabeHasWon (hi, that's me!) - Everything apart from what Liz did.
Liz - Melodies & chord progressions on "Apotheosis Lullaby" and "Petals Fall", a couple sound effects.


Santra, Cherryversai, Beave, Kiraa, Yuyutsu, Vladimier, sal - Feedback & input.
AndreTheSadcat, Linty, Nerf Ashton, Waasephi - Beta testers.
tMod community - Miscellaneous help.
FL Studio - This was necessary for the music.​
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Dude this is AMAZING
I love the theme of your biome and all the little details
I really hope that you finish this!
This has so much love and effort put into it
Hi there! I just got started playing and I absolutely love the environment I'd just like to ask I can't find the whole biome just a single tree. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
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