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PC The Zoologist Virus (Work-In-Progress)


Official Terrarian
Working in my lab one night, I thought of a plan to take over the world Tri-State Terraria!
Capture 2020-09-25 22_31_09.png
I will make a virus that turns everything into THE ZOOLOGIST!
"Parties Not Included"
Before After
Zoologist Virus Support.png

Version 0.1
Added Clothier and Angler
The Zoologist Virus v0.1.zip
Version 0.2
Added Old Man, Cyborg, and Some of the NPC emotes
The Zoologist Virus 0.2.zip
The Demolitionist and Dye Trader will be done next

The Re-Logic Team - Creators of Terraria
@Kylotl - The Original Idea

This was inspired by Kylotl's Zoologism


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Blob [FBI]

Last time I had a texture pack like this the problem I faced was that the tails werent animated

Are they animated in this pack when they walk?
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