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Thank you for your job! TT is amazing tool!
Any chance for homing bullets / projectiles?

Once we get that plugin system I'm sure someone will cook something up for homing. :p
I might try writing one up that changes the same code that I change using Cheat Engine lul.

For until someone makes a better one. :p
Thank you for your job! TT is amazing tool!
Any chance for homing bullets / projectiles?

Well for now you can either use the Uber upgrade for the Hellwing bow (has the option to be homing) or if you want something more elaborate/advanced then with the Omnipatcher Freestyle tweak you could modify all of the projectile id of weapons/ammo into something that already is homing like Chlorophyte bullets or the hellbat arrows if you enabled the uber upgrade from earlier (Cons: will cancel out all of the current projectile's attributes like inflicted debuffs, or any special traits)

These are what you can currently do as a work-around in the meantime until Tiberium decides to create a projectile editor (I think the plugin concept that will be in the next update may help us with the problem, not completely sure though).
"Hm, well, isn't what you said is exactly how the zapinator already functions? There's no need to create functionality that already exists. "
zapinator does it at random, I'd like it to be changed to guaranteed :p
Hey @TiberiumFusion , any chances of having a tweak to make imbued buffs stack?

EDIT: Is there also any way to remove the max mana limit (capped to 400, regardless of buffs or robes) in the next update/s?
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Hey, how do you use this with Tmodloader?
It doesn't necessarily conflict with the mods, except for the non-vanilla items TT2 is not designed for. You should also be using TT2 that is compatible with terraria 1.3 (I think it's there in the OP)

You just have to use Tmodloader as the "Terraria.exe" and then launch it with your tweaks

(Fellow Tweaker Here)
I found another gem. (Not sure if someone already discovered this)

One of my tweaks included the "Modify NPC Happiness" tweak, and I just set it to be disabled (always set to 100%?). While testing my tweaks, I came to see the happiness of my NPC's, then I saw that everyone's dialog is modified telling something about an unseen force forcing them to make their prices cheap while mentioning "Terraria Tweaker 2", with some identifying it as a supplier, a force, or just thanking it. I would like to show every NPC's dialog (I have to say, @TiberiumFusion really nailed the personalities, nice!), but there may be some that don't want to be spoiled, so I covered the dialogs in spoilers, enjoy.

Dye Trader.PNG
Party Girl.PNG
Witch Doctor.PNG


  • Witch Doctor.PNG
    Witch Doctor.PNG
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When i try to boot it up, it says, "how do you want to open this file?" which should I choose?
>> Not sure about that bud, are you sure you have the necessary prerequisites like vcredist downloaded? If you do, I'm not sure how to pinpoint the problem. Best bet is to wait for @TiberiumFusion , the sole developer.

also it says, "Another program is currently using this file."
>> This is a bit normal (has a tendency to open two windows of it, and bc its not supposed to, both get annihilated) just boot it again

and stupid norton keeps deleting it
>> Either disable your antivirus or try to make a program exception of it. TT2 attempts to modify external files like terraria itself in order to patch and that's how it got Norton thinking it's a virus

Some of these errors you have received have already been addressed in the OP, so if you have more problems with it, then you should first check there.

(Fellow Tweaker Here)
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look on
they have complete modding solution ...
mods created by attr's before functions, like

[PluginHook("Terraria.exe", "Terraria.Main", "Initialize", false)]
public static object OnInitialize(object rv, object obj, params object[] args)

glad if you use these approach
about Harmony - you can support both approach, for lazy modding (90% cases) use attr definition, for complex patching use harmony (or simplified dotNetMT\core\_mod.core\IL.cs ;)
try dnSpy, awesome tool, much better ILSpy
Hello, I'm having a problem and i absolutely don't know what it is because Google doesn't say anything and I can't find a troubleshooting page or something, so please can you tell me what to do? The problem is when i launch the active tweak list, it opens TTAplicator and just stays there doing nothing, saying:

[IL] Found at IL60_ac
[IL] Modified operand


And after this it does absolutely nothing, just those 2 lines appear over and over and over again, i've even let it run for like 1 hour straight and nothing, thank you beforehand haha
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