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Ok but like you do realize that you can just slap a license on your code and then people can't steal it right? Also you are kind of calling someone a bigot just for saying "hey you're doing some weird stuff here". A copyright doesn't mean you should use malware level obfuscation. Open sourcing software doesn't "invite theivery" and if you put a liscence on it people can't steal anyways, and maybe if you made your code open source it'd fix some of your bugs.
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There is no obligation for any user to open source their projects. @pollen__ and @steviegt6 please stop harassing @TiberiumFusion about this. They have made it clear they do not want to open source it, so leave it at that. If you have any kind serious concern about malware it should not be shared publicly here, you must contact staff and let us handle it. If you want to discuss this further, please send me a DM so we can keep this thread on topic.


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i remember angering russian servers with this, now that terraria tweaker is terraria tweaker 2, it's time to do more


Any plans to implement Omnipatcher support for projectiles? I want to make minion projectiles home in on enemies as well, so I might just make a plugin for that (if it's even possible)
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