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WIP Throwing Class Improvements! Making Them A Better Choice

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Duke Fishron
So we all know the Throwing Class, a heavily outclassed class (Eh?) that most people probably forgot about. It only has 2 armors, 2 weapons and a whole lot of things (Javelins, Grenades, Daggers, etc.). So I propose a change to this pitiful class!

Due to my bad balancing and stat skills, I will probably make things underpowered/overpowered/stat-less. You could propose a change to that!

-Content Time-
1) Weapons!
So, there are only 2 specific thrown "weapons", the Bone Glove (Ammo: Bones) which is gotten in Expert, where it would be useless for all eternity and the Ale Tosser (Ammo: Ale) which is gotten from a Tavernkeep's drop. While there are a lot of thrown items, only 2 items are used with weapons. So, here's some more weapons for the lonely stuff!

Sapper's Lobber
Desc: You can get this by buying it at the Demolitionist for 6 Gold coins when you have Grenades in your inventory. All Grenades can be used, has improved damage.

Damage: 14 (Thrown)
Velocity: 5.5
Crit: 4%
Use Time: 37 (Relatively faster than normal Grenades)
Desc: You can get this by buying it at the Merchant for 4 Gold coins when you have any knife in your inventory (Poisoned Knives, Throwing Knives, Frost Daggerfish). Will throw knives in a spread-out manner, 4 per throw but also consuming 4, well at least they're common.

Damage: 18 (Thrown)
Velocity: 10
Crit: 4%
Use Time: 14
Desc: You get this as a random drop from Hoplites (2% drop chance). This will throw a javelin, obviously. Either Bone/Normal variants are accepted. 25% chance to not consume javelins

Damage: 30 (Thrown)
Velocity: 9.5
Crit: 4%
Use Time: 20
Desc: It will throw out molotov cocktails. It is bought from the Demolitionist for 6 Gold coins when a cocktail is in your inventory. You can also buy cocktails from the Demolitionist when you have the cannon in your inventory, for 35 Copper coins.

Damage: 37 (Thrown)
Velocity: 7
Crit: 4%
Use Time: 30
Desc: An endgame weapon for the class. Uses Nova Stars, throws 3 homing stars with a rainbow trail that also damages. You can buy Nova Stars from the Arms Dealer for 15 Copper coins when you have the Starshooter in your inventory.

Damage: 97 (Thrown)
Velocity: 8
Crit: 10%
Use Time: 15
Tooltip: Reach for the stars!

20 Nova Fragments at an Ancient Manipulator
Desc: Looks like Moon Lord's hand complete with the TEoC, it shoots out a Phantasmal Spheres, consuming one Phantasmal Extract. These can be crafted from 1 Nova Fragment for 150 Extracts. Profit! Additional drop from Moon Lord

Damage: 95
Velocity: 35 (So as not to make it really overpowered)
Crit: 10%
Use Time: 30

2) Equipment!
We are missing some armors from the class, so why not add some stuff?

Instead of adding a new Pillar, Vortex Pillars will also drop Nova Fragments alongside Vortex Fragments. The armor set will be in a dark blue hue, because heck.

Crafting Recipe: 10 Nova Fragments + 8 Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator
+40% throwing velocity and damage.
Crafting Recipe: 20 Nova Fragments + 16 Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator
20% faster use time and longer range
Crafting Recipe: 15 Nova Fragments + 12 Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator
+24% throwing damage, crit chance. +9% movement speed
Set Bonus:
Use up/down arrow keys to toggle projectile drop speed
Enemies killed will drop Nova Debris, these will increase your throwing damage by 1%, collect 16 and hold right click to shoot throw a huge Nova javelin (Infinite pierce, passes through blocks), dealing 135 damage (90 sec CD)
As the Hoplites drop the Javelin, the armor they drop should be related to the Throwing class, don't you think?
Helmet: +15% throwing damage and velocity
Breastplate: +15% faster use time and range
Boots: +15% crit chance, 4% movement speed
Set Bonus:
All javelins can pierce, all enemies hit will still get the javelin sticking to them and they will get passive damage like the Daybreak.
All javelins have a 25% chance to not be consumed.
So, this set looks like a ninjaaaa, a ninjaaa, a ninjaa.
Set Bonus:
All Throwing damage have a 75% chance to inflict the On Fire! debuff
All Shurikens and daggers (Frost Daggerfish, Poisoned Knives and Throwing Knives) are turned to obsidian version of themselves (Names: Obsidian Daggerfish, Etherial Claw and Demon's Claw), dealing more damage, higher crit chance (+4%) and pierces (If not, pierces more).

Oh jeez, that was a lot to cover! Well, since this is a WIP, I'll keep adding/tweaking some more things. Criticism, suggestions and support are welcome! No sprites since my computer broke down and I'm not a spriter. Thanks for reading!
(Tbh I think my upgrades will make Throwing/Range classes be similar lol)​
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Duke Fishron
Rebalanced the entire suggestion, removing double (Also quad) throw from the Sapper's Lobber, Dagger Thrower and the Javelin Hand Guard due to being OP.. Thanks to @sharkman0101 for pointing it out!

(Date layout: MM/DD/YYYY)​
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A lot of the pre-hardmode items are overpowered. The only reason that the Bone got an item to bolster its power was because it was a mediorce throwing item for the time you obtain it. I'd suggest lowering the damage on these items greatly, or remove the double throwing effect(or quadruple) to balance these items.

Regarding the hardmode items, Re-Logic stated they didn't have any interest to expand upon the throwing class in hardmode, simply to the nature of it. If they made weapons like Ranged as in they consume ammo but are a permanent weapon themselves, the classes would be far too identical. If you ask me, I think 4 classes are plenty for a game like this, though variation isn't a bad thing.

Happy suggesting.


Duke Fishron
Ah, finally a feedback. I'll try balancing on some of these as I did some thinking too and thought something made these OP in a way I didn't think of at the start.

Well, it's supposed to promote a throwing playthrough anyway, like throwing a fit when you fail to kill Moon Lord while he has 1 HP left.


There's a lot to cover here, but I'll start off by saying that the Nova Armor is a little bit confusing to use. Typically Terraria doesn't do stuff like charged-up secondary attacks, although a giant javelin is cool as hell. What if Nova Debris just boosted stats somehow like the Nebula Armor's particles do?


Duke Fishron
I was thinking of something unique, like the Forbidden armor's sandstorm and the Stardust armor's Guardian, so summoners don't get all the cool stuff. There are some secondary attacks like the ToIW and the SDF and charged attacks like the incredibly OP Last Prism, but a small damage increase would be ok.
Seems pretty neat for endgame thrower (the armor is super neat). Something for mistake would be needed as well to make it a more complete class, but making a suggestion for every tier in the game would probs be a bit over the top anyway.
Anyways, cool suggestion!
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