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tModLoader Thrown to Ranged mod


Duke Fishron
There is not really much I could say or show about this mod, other than tell what it does.
This mod converts any thrown damage boost you get into ranged damage, then the thrown damage boost is set to the value of ranged damage boost.

I went ahead into that, and made so projectiles spawned as thrown also get flagged as ranged, so effects like the ones from Frost set will be under effect if you
launch thrown projectiles.

You can either download the mod on the mod browser, or through this link:
MEGA - https://mega.nz/#F!Jl5EzSIA!rwwN77TNq-4LMqGsrHY9WA



Duke Fishron
I actually didn't even knew It disappeared from the mod browser. Maybe there's a time limit for mod browser mods to stay in It, when they aren't updated?
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