Mobile Top 5 most broken weapons on mobile.

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  1. Godley

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    Please note that this contains weapons that aren’t mobile exclusive but are slightly changed on mobile.:)
    at number 5 we have the chain gun.
    The chain gun on mobile is just a tab bit broken due to the perfect accuracy of mobile guns, so Chlorophyte bullets can be replaced by cursed (for extreme Debuff damage on bosses) ichor(for extra damages per bullet), crystal (for extra bullets) or venom(same as cursed, but trades number of targets affected for higher debuff damage).
    This gun have excellent bossing and crowd-controlling properties on mobile, unfortunately it is obtained in the end-game, a stage where there’s not much to fight.

    at no.4 we have the Molotov cocktails.
    We all know these are really powerful before the nerf, which is why i’m placing these here.
    similar to most other weapons on this list,This weapon Is absurdly powerful in both bossing and crowd-controling, but isn’t as easy to obtain as some other items in this list, not to mention its mediocre range.
    at number.3 we have the clockwork assault rifle.
    Unlike on PC, this weapon doesn't have a cooldown on mobile, which means it shoot 3 bullets every 11 ticks, or 3 2/3 ticks per bullet.
    this causes it to be the single fastest weapon in the game, as well as being stupidly powerful.
    This weapon can carry you all the way to duke fishron.
    I bet you’re all thinking about this one when clicking.
    The ultimate weapon that makes mobile Mechs so much easier than PC mechs, as well as making the mobile early hard mode considerably more manageable.
    This weapon can carry you all the way to plantera, though the arrows it drops can come in handy all the way to duke fishron.
    heart arrows.
    If you don’t know what these does, you might be surprised by something that isn’t even a true weapon taking the spot of No.1, but considering how absurdly broken these are, I think they should take the spot of No.1.
    For those who don’t know, these arrows stops whatever it hits right in its tracks, rendering them unable to attack or even make a move for 1.5 seconds.
    whether it’s plantera, destroyer, wall Of Flesh or a snow queen.
    The only enemy that this doesn’t work on is Duke Fishron, but if these work on him the game effectively becames pointless.
    It’s also pretty to obtain—just buy it from the merchant when the Valentine’s Day event is active.
    This weapon can carry you all the way to plantera, or it you really want to, the moon events (doesn’t work that well on golem since it can’t hit every part of it at once, though you can still stun a single part of it for the sake of dealing damage/stopping the particular part from attacking
    ), and considering it’s an early game arrow this is saying something.
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  2. John tha noob

    John tha noob Terrarian

    Molotov cocktails for the early game
    They are easy to craft and deal 41 throwing damage each plus fire effect and flames thrown around
    You can kill the wall of flesh with 20-40 by hitting always the eyes
  3. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    I agree, though they could be really annoying to craft (cloth could be hard to get)
  4. John tha noob

    John tha noob Terrarian

    Yes cobweb can be hard to get for the silk but if you are lucky you may find a spider's nest and those "Regen" the cobwebs so you can have a lot of em'
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  5. Eclipsezz_xd

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    Molotov cocktails there really good beginning game but start to suck as u continue through the game but also the razor pine is op
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  6. Godley

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    IMO not as much as, say, grenades.
  7. I was able to beat Plantera with a Sharanga and 2 stacks of heart arrows, caused me to switch from dragon armor to titan armor
  8. BlueBullet

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    Razor pine goes through walls, uses 3 mana has insane speed an accuracy and is fully auto. How is that not on the list?