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WIP Tower-ful traps, made with Celestial Fragments


Maybe besides just adding new traps, blocks that interact with traps.
The sweeping Nebula Prism could interact with a Prism Block made by combining 7 glass and 7 Nebula Fragments.
When the sweeping laser hits a regular Prism block, releases its only sweeping laser that has half of the reach, pierces 5 enemies and doesn't do as much damage.

ooo, might do that, good idea :)
but for now i'm too lazy to do anything so when i'm in the mood i'll update this


I'm thinking instead of a constant 360 rotation for the Solar Flamethrower, maybe it should come out in a whip-like motion. So it will start coming out as if you are executing a whip, when the tip reaches the maximum range it will retract 1/3 of the maximum range on the opposite side before dissipating. It should alternate starting from bottom or top. Akin to the solar prominence.

Grand Paladin Tyrux

Duke Fishron
I have a idea. A trap for every terraria boss with their own little things.

Here's my ideas, for this idea:

King Slime - Spews slime around the area, slowing down enemies and giving them the Slimed! debuff, which makes them look blue and sticky, and deals damage over time.

Eye of Cthulhu - Releases a wave of baby demon eyes, blinding enemies

Eater of Worlds - Devours an effected enemy, pulling them down slowly and dealing damage until they are sucked into the earth and killed.

Brain of Cthulhu - Releases a swarm of parasites, infecting enemies and causing them to attack each other.

Queen Bee - A hive of bees that attracts enemies to it with the sweet smell of honey. When the enemies destroy the hive bees will swarm them before going back to the hive and rebuilding it.

Skeletron -Curses an enemy, transforming them into a skeletal version that attacks their allies.

Wall of Flesh - Releases the souls of nearby enemies, causing them to be slowed and deal less damage until they return

I'll do the Hardmode bosses later.
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