WIP Tower-ful traps, made with Celestial Fragments

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  1. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    Traps are a bit... boring.
    (Super) Dart Traps fire darts.
    Flame Traps spew flames.
    Spike Ball Traps drop spikes.
    And Spear Traps stab enemies with spears.
    Also, Lava. Melts enemies.
    Boring. Only 5 variants of traps. (excluding Detonator/Boulder traps.)
    Not much variety, right? There's even two of the same trap!

    Why not some end-game traps made for advanced Terraria farmers/builders?

    Sprites kudos to lilTuck for the Vortex Attractor! Thanks! :)
    He also animated it! :D


    When powered, it attracts nearby enemies to it. This trap does NOT deal damage. This works in a 20x20 (may change) radius. Bosses and mini-bosses are not affected.
    Constantly attracts until turned off.

    Crafted with: 10 [​IMG], 25 [​IMG], 7 [​IMG]

    SolarFlamethrower.png SOLAR FLAMETHROWER SolarFlamethrower.png
    When powered, it spews a solar flame that rotates 360 degrees around it. The flame reaches 12 tiles, does not go through blocks and pierces enemies.
    Constantly fires until turned off.
    Crafted with: 10 [​IMG], 25 [​IMG], 7 [​IMG]

    NebulaArcanum.png NEBULA PRISM NebulaArcanum.png

    When powered, it charges up and fires a pink laser Phantasmal-Laser style to deal constant damage for five seconds. The laser reaches 27.5 tiles and does not go through blocks, piecing 10 enemies, and the laser sweeps the area and homes on enemies.
    Has a 10-second delay. Charges up the beam for 3 seconds and fires for 5 seconds.
    Crafted with: 10 [​IMG], 25 [​IMG], 7 [​IMG]

    StardustAtomizer.png STARDUST ATOMIZER StardustAtomizer.png
    When powered, fires those Nebula orb things (blue though) to deal damage to enemies.
    Can deal damage for 10 seconds, until they explode dealing high damage.

    Reactivates when three orbs despawn (despawn like normal enemies) or are destroyed.

    5-second delay between spawns.
    Crafted with: 10 [​IMG], 25 [​IMG], 7 [​IMG]

    NOTE: The Moon Lord takes no damage from these traps, to prevent lunar cheese. May change.
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  2. lilTuck

    lilTuck Terrarian

    Support; I think we need more traps.

    I also think the Vortex Attractor should be animated; so here you go. VortexAttractor.gif
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  3. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    I really, really, really like this!
  4. Nariofan101

    Nariofan101 Terrarian

    Maybe the Vortex trap would draw enemies in using knockback, so that it would be weaker in Expert Mode and wouldn't draw boss-types in (as opposed to specifically excepting bosses from the traps).
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  5. lilTuck

    lilTuck Terrarian

    I don't think it would attract bosses; it'd be OP.
  6. Nariofan101

    Nariofan101 Terrarian

    What? That's not at all what I said?
  7. lilTuck

    lilTuck Terrarian

  8. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    Mr orig. idea was to make the attractor slowly suck in enemies (excluding bosses and enemies like that), at a fixed speed.
  9. lilTuck

    lilTuck Terrarian

    ayy lmao thanks for the shoutout bud

    I need a base to sprite them, though. :)
  10. Lingo

    Lingo Eye of Cthulhu

    This is nice. I would like to see a luminite trap too!
  11. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    Sadly, I only meant for the traps to be Tower-based. But if you give me a description of your idea, I might make a Tower-version of the trap. :)
  12. Lingo

    Lingo Eye of Cthulhu

    Simply put a tower harnessed moon lord eye beam.
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  13. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    So basically the beam from Moon Lord's eye? Will do for Nebula trap, will work on it when I get ideas for more traps. :)
  14. Lingo

    Lingo Eye of Cthulhu

    Sure. Sounds good.
  15. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    Thanks! :D
  16. Epixlucas!

    Epixlucas! Terrarian

    yes. just yes.
  17. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

    Dammit, I was gonna come up with an idea like this. Yours is much better, although there's already a Nebula Arcanum.
  18. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    I'll fix.
    But thanks!
  19. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    I support this.
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  20. Matador

    Matador Plantera

    Thanks, also nice name. :D