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Official Twas the Day Before Terraria 1.3....

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I've decided. I'm going to sleep 3 hours, then come back here. I'll still have reserve ~10 mins, so it should be okay. Wish me luck, comrades


Duke Fishron
It's coming at 1 PM for me...
But 1.3 is not out and its 1Pm !
I thought it was coming out at 1 PM????
You guys probably all live in Europe, am I right? If so, it actually comes to you at around 3 - 8 PM
[DOUBLEPOST=1435675983,1435675945][/DOUBLEPOST]oh wait christo is probably in eastern US never mind
Most painful 2 hours....


I'm gonna go play 1.2.4 with my brother.
[DOUBLEPOST=1435676297,1435676169][/DOUBLEPOST]Wait a second I am in Western US, whoops
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