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Casual Ultimate Music Playlist

Sir. Fluff

Skeletron Prime
The Ultimate Music Playlist
For anyone wondering, here is the link to it: Ultimate music playlist - YouTube

What is it?
Songs included
Other stuff

What is it?
The ultimate music playlist is a playlist made by me that anyone can go to if they want to listen to the music I've put in there. I've shared the playlist with @Omega Derpling but he hasn't added anything yet. What it is is a playlist full of different songs from video games, and some from specific creators such as DM Dokuro. It grows every day, currently having, at the time of my last update to this post having, 3314 songs already added. (I have a lot of free time).

  • Songs mostly should be from video games, but if it's a really talented artist who I enjoy personally as well, I'll add it.
  • I made this forum for suggestions, so that means that whatever you suggest might not get added in.
  • I'm open for feedback about what people think about this topic, so if you have any problems with it or things you like about it, then feel free to post them in the replies.
  • I'm not planning on removing any songs, but if someone says that I should I'll see if I want it in the playlist or not. It will most likely be a yes.
  • Most of the time, songs with lyrics won't get added in, but there are some that do have lyrics.
  • I am open for all suggestions, even if they contradict some of these rules because these aren't to be taken as things that will be enforced at all times.
  • Have fun with whatever you want, but don't judge anyone for what they like to listen to.

Calamity Mod OST
DM Dokuro's Music
Turquoise's Music
Super Mario Dolor OST
Terraria OST
Bloons TD 5/6 OST
Himno OST
Forager OST
Don't Starve Reign of Giants/Shipwrecked/Hamlet/Together OST
Spiral Knights OST
Stick Fight OST
Doki Doki Literature Club OST
Starbound OST
World of Goo OST
Minecraft OST
Hollow Knight OST
Celeste OST
A Hat in Time OST
Undertale OST
Deltarune OST
Octopath Traveler OST
Superbrother Sword and Sworcery OST
Bastion OST
Portal OST
Portal 2 OST
Poly Bridge OST
Underhaul Dungeon Guardian Theme
Seth Leary's Acoustic Covers
Terraria Modded Music
Cave Story 3D OST
Songbird Symphony OST
Underhero OST
Tetris Attack OST
Miitopia OST
Cosmoverse's Music
Dead Cells OST
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/Super Mystery Dungeon OST
Vesteria OST
Super Mario Party OST
Dramatic Song - Tobuscus
Your Door Was Locked! - Element Animation
Terraria Various Weathers OST
Just Shapes and Beats OST
Plants VS Zombies OST
Plants VS Zombies 2 OST
Paper Mario OST
Battle Cats OST
Mario Party 8 OST
Super Mario Maker 2 OST
Smash Hit OST
Super Mario Galaxy OST
Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST
Super Mario 3D World OST
Super Mario 64 OST
Terraria Overhaul OST
Rayman Legends OST
Ressurrections - TimmyTurnersGrandDad remix
Maze of Mayonnaise - Bossfight
Little Runmo OST/Music? I'll just call it music for films/animations from now on.

Other Stuff
This was slightly frustrating to make because my mouse is broken, but other than that I have a couple things to say.

  1. This thing is huge
  2. If you read through this thanks
  3. Idk I just wanted 3 items
So, Thanks for reading through this, and leave your suggestions and your feedback in the replies. :)
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