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Wavebank Ultra High Quality Wavebank

Discussion in 'Released' started by Striderr, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Striderr

    Striderr Spazmatism

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  2. IcyPenguin

    IcyPenguin Plantera

    I feel like I've transcended after hearing your musical masterpieces, I thank you.
  3. CalvinWinz

    CalvinWinz Terrarian

    I hope you weren't held responsible for the pianos you held hostage.

    Edit: Replaced this with original wavebank, and holy luminite, it's what you promised. High quality.
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  4. adg155

    adg155 Terrarian

    Midi Converter?
    Mobile Piano?
    Real Piano?
    or by someone?

    Edit: I played Frost Moon on a Real Piano, Hardcore xD
  5. Augus

    Augus Terrarian

    ever since I download this mod I'm a millionaire
  6. DragonX

    DragonX Terrarian

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  7. That Richard

    That Richard Official Terrarian

    Hello there, fellow dude :cool:
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  8. Striderr

    Striderr Spazmatism