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PC Unable to rejoin server.

Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by Sophie, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Sophie

    Sophie Terrarian

    Hi, I've been hosting a server with TerrariaServer.exe. When I launch it, Everyone can join normally the first time but if anyone leave for whatever reason, they are unable to reconnect to it until I restarting the server. This is happening to me and my friend. Couldn't find any logs to post and the server window does not display any error messages when someone tries to rejoin. The game simply gets stuck on the "Connecting to [ip:port]".

    The PC spec are:
    Intel core i3-4160
    4 GB
    Geforce GT 630
    Windows 7 Pro SP1
  2. Sophie

    Sophie Terrarian

    bump, at least some leads would be great.
  3. Sophie

    Sophie Terrarian

  4. Abadao

    Abadao Terrarian

    Same problem here.

    The PC spec are:
    AMD FX 8350
    8GB 1600Mz
    R9 270X
    W7 Ultimate SP1
  5. Kalle

    Kalle Eye of Cthulhu

    Simple answer: do not disconnect in a session. There are too many problems right now. I heard of that, but I guess you will just need to wait for another hotfix. You coud try disabling your firewall, doing a clean boot, but I simply have not got any solution for it imo.
  6. Sophie

    Sophie Terrarian

    I don't know if this could be considered a fix but I formatted my pc (Not because of this) and now the problem isn't happening anymore.
    It's probable unrelated but just in case, I did it to replace brazillian portuguese windows 7 pro by window 7 ultimate in english. I also got most up to date drivers, I don't really know if the drivers I had before were outdated or not tho.
  7. Kalle

    Kalle Eye of Cthulhu

    Interesting, thanks for that!