Underrated mods!

Peanut sauce

Hello peanut here with some underrated mods!
these are mods that not many have seen, yet have good sprites, idea's and mechanics!

1. Technological terror, spirits look really nice and it includes lore and custom music to tie it all together, nice! 7/10 Technological Terror
2. Iridium mod, a cute small scale mod with gorgeous sprites and is working on a new class witch is always welcome to me. 8/10 Iridium Mod
3. Inlustris mod, nice looking bosses, with good ideas, need more info. 5/10 Inlustris Mod
4. Vulcan valley, nice to see a solo dev, nice sprites and fun idea's. 7/10 Vulcan Valley
5. Glory mod, what a unique idea, replacing all bosses with new counter parts! 9/10 Glory Mod

And that concludes this list, thanks for looking!
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