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Welcome to Flo Tries Wiring Things! The wheneverly show about how I have no idea what I'm doing!

Today, I present to y'all ladiesmen my newest craft, which is yet to be named since I feel really bad for the title right now, not gonna lie. I am building a really wacky railroad system that goes through most of my underground world, and as one could expect, it ends up being very complicated to know where you are and what rails go where. So I was planning on putting some announcement boxes telling you which line you're at and what direction you're headed to, which wasn't too big of a problem, except.... If you passed through the pressure plate track I set to trigger the announcement box with, you'd set it off regardless of what direction you're headed to, making it completely useless...

So I needed a way to figure out how to know which side of the track the player was on and where are they heading to, and then deciding to set off or not the announcement box based on that. This might seem fairly simple for some but I've never messed with wiring or logic gates in my life and was very intimidated by it. So after a lot of brain wrecking, I came up with thiiissssss...


So if the confusing screenshots are understandably too confusing, the idea is that if the player comes from the right side of the track, going to the left, they will trigger the sensor and set off the dart trap, hitting the teal pad and triggering the announcement box. But if they're coming from the left and headed right, they'll hit the pressure plate track first, which will set the logic lamp and therefore the AND gate on, responsible for 2 things:

  1. Activating the actuator on a block in front of the dart trap, rendering it powerless and unable to activate the announcement box, take that!
  2. Setting off a 3-second timer (enough time for the player to be past the sensor, perhaps) which will reset the whole apparatus.
So far it seems to be working fine along with my tests, but there are still some things off, particularly with how the actuator and dart trap interact. I also think there must be a more efficient way of doing it but... I tried!

Thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun building this. :dryadtongue:

PS: as one may notice, I definitely need help with understanding wiring in terraria... any suggestions are welcome :dryadconfused:
Thats really cool! :) I've wired a setup to various water fountains on a timer that allows the water to cycle through all sorts of hues as seen in my profile pic. I always wondered if you could make a Unidirectional minecart setup.
Seeing this really got me inspired, so thank you! Learning to use the faulty lamps will be useful for me going on.

Here's my version I came up with, as well as a 2-way one so you can have both an entrance and an exit message without having 4 plates, although I imagine using sensors could also work.
Directional Pressure Plate - All wires.png
Directional Pressure Plate - No wires.png

The major improvement here I'd say is the removal of the dart trap, which was limiting how often you can use the device to every 3.33 seconds. But with this arrangement it should function every 0.25 seconds (give or take a few frames) so it'll be much more multiplayer friendly.

Still, love the use of dart traps though! Great for wiring before the mech-bosses.
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