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Useful items aims to reduce wasted time.
This mod is sister mod of Useful NPCs mod.

You can download this mod from mod browser or github.
This mod will no longer receive content update. For more contents, visit here for more information.

Celestical jumper : Advances time to nearest night or day. Made with 10 souls of light and night.
Item magnet : Increases item grab range. It drops from skeletron and will get upgraded in hardmode, after 3 mech bosses, after golem and after the moon lord. It can be toggled on/off by right clicking.
Magical roe : Can be crafted into any vanilla quest fish if the player is close to water and the biome/height matches. It is sold by magic merchant for 10 gold.
Mundane boots/charm/wand : Can be crafted into various items.
Rainmaker : Toggles rain. Made with a blowpipe and 10 rain clouds.
Sand vaccumer : Toggles sandstorm. Made with sandstorm in a bottle and 20 wires.
Smartphone : Can absorb information accessories and disaplay them. Sold by merchant for 10 gold.
Chaos altar : Artificial demon altar. Made with 10 demonite/crimtane bars and 15 shadow scales/tissue samples at a demon altar.
4 coins : Teleports the player to last death point. Sold by Dryad for 4 gold. Can't be used if the player hasn't died yet. In case you don't know who Charon is, read this.
Hire posters : Hires NPCs that have to be saved. No more digging around to rescue goblin tinkerer!
Omni sponge : It can absorb any liquid. Sold by wizard for 2 platinum.
Omni bucket : It can make honey/lava/water. Water bucket is sold by wizard for 2 platinum. Right click to cycle through liquids.
Suspicious looking skull : Drops from the skeletron. Teleports the player to the dungeon entrance. Works in multiplayer too!
Omni Paintbrush/Paint Roller/Paint Scraper : Paintbrush is sold by builder for 5 gold. Right click the item to change mode. Right click while holding it to change colors. Can go back and forth depending on mouse position. Uses 25 coppers for normal paint, 50 copper for deep paint and shadow paint, 75 copper for negative paint. You can only cycle to shadow or negative paint if the world is in hardmode.
True Architecture Gizmo Pack : Made with architecture gizmo pack, 5 calming potion and 1 peace candle. Drastically Increases tile and wall placement speed and reach, grants auto paint and drastically reduces spawn rate. No more annoying slimes interrupting your build!
Cloud in a Bottle : bottle, 5 cloud, fallen star @ tinkerer's workshop
Sandstorm in a Bottle : Cloud in a Botttle, 10 sand blocks, 5 sturdy fossiles @ tinkerer's workshop
Blizzard in a Bottle : Cloud in a Bottle, 10 snow blocks, 10 ice blocks @ tinkerer's workshop
Shiny Red Balloon : White String, 10 pink gels @ tinkerer's workshop
Lucky Horseshoe : 5 gold/paltinum bars, 10 pink gels @ tinkerer's workshop
Truffle Worm : Worm, 20 glowing mushrooms @ autohammer
Flipper : 10 slime blocks, 2 copper/tin bars @ anvils
Diving Helmet : 1 glass block and 3 copper/tin bars @ anvils

Hellforge : 30 hellstones, furnace @ anvils
Ice Machine : 10 snow blocks, 15 ice blocks, 8 iron/lead bars @ anvils
BoneWelder : 20 bones, hellforge @ anvils
Honey Dispenser : 10 honey blocks ,10 bottled honey, 5 bee waxes @ anvils
Lihzahrd Furnace : 20 lihzahrd bricks, 10 solar tablet fragments @ mythril anvils
Living Loom : 100 wood, 20 acorns @ workbench
Sky Mill : 20 sunplate blocks, 5 fallen stars @ anvils
Extractinator : Hellforge, 12 iron/lead bars @ anvils

Golden Critters : Normal critter, 10 gold coins @ hellforge
Guide Voodoo Doll : 15 bones, 5 leathers @ demon altar

Obsidian/Dungeon furnitures : Same with other furniture sets.

Merchant : Sells smartphone.
Dryad : Sells four coins, Sells ankh charm for 2 platinum after beating 3 mech bosses.
Wizard : Sells omni sponge and omni bucket for 2 platinum each.
Witch Doctor : Sells alchemy table.
Steampunker : Sells meat grinder and flesh clong vat in all words.
Pirate : Sells every golden furnatures.

Initial release

-- 1.1
Added recipe for flippers and diving helm.
Magic merchant now sells obsidian after defeating evil boss.
Obsidian and hellstone from magic merchant is not free anymore.
Most potion ingridients now cost more.
Stinger is only sold after defeating the queen bee.
Added mechanical boss souls that are sold after defeating plantera.

-- 1.1.1
Changed mundane boots' leather requirement to 2 from 5.
Added recipes for sevaral vanilla special crafting stations.
Added chaos altar which acts like a demon altar.

-- 1.1.2
Dryad now sells ankh charm for 2 platinum after defeating all 3 mech bosses.
Added recipe for extractinator.

-- 1.1.3
Added four coins which teleports you back to your last death position. It is sold by dryad for 4 golds.

-- 1.1.4
Added mod icon.

-- 1.1.5
Added hire posters.

-- 1.1.6
Added omni sponge and omni bucket.

-- 1.1.8
Added suspicious looking skull. It is dropped from skeletron.

Added Tony the Bandit.

Added recipe for golden critters.
Changed hire posters' crafting station to chair&table.

Fixed angler hire poster recipe.

Added recipe for guide voodoo doll.

Migrated to tmodloader 0.11.5

Magic merchant now sells ore and gems from thorium and calamity.
Bandit now sells items from thorium and calamity.

Added builder

The mod now includes source code.

Fixed the magic merchant not cycling to potion ingredients.
Added omni paint tools.

Fixed the bug where using suspicious looking skull sometimes reveals entire screen.

Added true architect gizmo pack.

The mod splitted into two mods.
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Eh, I haven't figured out how to add translation. Thanks for the offer though.

Sure, I attatched the zip file.
Translations are easy. Here's an example from an item from Antiaris:
        public override void SetStaticDefaults()
            DisplayName.SetDefault("Adventurer Crystal");
            Tooltip.SetDefault("Pressing the 'Special Ability' key will teleport you to a random position\n[c/C35377:Only one adventurer item can be worn]");
            DisplayName.AddTranslation(GameCulture.Chinese, "冒险家水晶");
            Tooltip.AddTranslation(GameCulture.Chinese, "点击“特殊能力”键将你传送到随机位置\n[c/FFB640:【如何设置“特殊能力”键】]\n请在游戏开始界面寻找“设置-控件-快捷键绑定”\n找到Mod Controls选项\n找到“Antiaris:Special Ability并修改按键”,默认按键为“L”\n[c/C35377:“特殊能力”类型饰品只能佩戴一件]");
            DisplayName.AddTranslation(GameCulture.Russian, "Кристалл путешественника");
            Tooltip.AddTranslation(GameCulture.Russian, "Нажатие на кнопку 'Специальная способность' телепортирует Вас в случайное место\n[c/C35377:Можно носить только один предмет путешественника]");
As you can see, you just add: DisplayName.AddTranslation(GameCulture.[name], "text"); (For the display name) and ToolTip.AddTranslation(GameCulture.[name], "text"); for the tooltip.

EDIT: Should also note that "[c/lettersandnumbers:text] is just the color. Replace "lettersandnumbers with whatever color you want it to be (In hexadecimal).
Use this for finding colors. (HTML uses hexadecimal color codes.)
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Because of the mod browser's servers going down recently (they're back now), there was a list released of over 200 mods released within the last few months that were taken off because of the servers screwing up. I am here to let you know, yours was on the list! Make sure to publish the mod again as soon as possible
There is a bug with Charon's coins in multiplayer where if they're used, all the players get sent to the death point.
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