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tModLoader Auto Tools


Auto Tools add a lot of utility items that reduces grinding and/or time spent on mundane tasks.

You can download this mod via mod browser or on github.


0. Configurations

All of the items/tiles in this mod can be disabled via config. You can also make autoinjectors/autoammos/autopainters not spend money(off by default)
1. Autoinjectors
(in game animation goes through rainbow colors)
Autoinjectors can provide any vanilla potion effects and some modded potion effects. It currently supports Thorium, Calamity and AlchemistNPC(Lite version too).

There is autoinjector for all vanilla effect and another one for mod effects.
They are sold by mechanic for 10 gold each.
For autoinjectors to work, you have to provide samples to it. Samples are made with seeded petri dish and some other materials.
Petri dish can be crafted with some glass and gel. Then you can "plant" herb seeds in the dish by crafting them.
Seeded petri dishes can be right-clicked to harvest them : they will give 1 herb and 1~2 seeds.
Seeded petri dishes can also be used to make samples. Consult the guide or recipe browser for the recipes.
Samples have to be inserted to the autoinjectors for them to work. This is done by righ-clicking the autoinjector while grabbing a sample.
Then you have to open the toggle UI(defaults to K for vanilla and L for modded) and activate the power. You can't toggle on powers that you don't have samples for.

Autoinjectors use your money to grant effects. The tooltip will tell you how much it is using at the moment. Some effects are cheap and some are expensive.
This discourages players just leaving the effect on all the time and be way overpowered all the time.

2. Auto ammos

Auto ammos provide a alternative way to grind for materials. It should support any modded ammos.
They are made with 16 chlorophyte bars with some ammos.
For them to work, you have to provide 999 of any non-standard ammos/bullets/arrows/rockets. So no, you can't use Calamity's magnum round with these.
Ammos have to be inserted by right-clicking the auto ammo while grabbing a ammo. You can unload them by shift-right-clicking.
Auto ammos use your money to give you infinite ammos. The tooltip will tell you how much it uses per shot. This is the same value as the ammo's buy price.
Most effects that reduces ammo consumption should work.

3. Auto painter

Auto painter provide a simple way to paint stuff to your heart's content.
They are made with the 3 paint tools, 50 of RGB paint each and a dye vat.
Right clicking with auto painter will open up a ui to select paint and mode.
Auto painter uses your money to give you infinite paints. The cost is what the painter sells for.

4. Auto bucket

Auto bucket provide a quick and easy way to fill/drain areas.
They are made with water/lava/honey/empty bucket and 3 mana crystals.
Right clicking with auto bucket will open up a ui to select liquid.
Auto bucket is completely free to use as liquid duplication is a thing.

5. Auto biome simulators

Auto biome simulators does what you can expect. They affect the atmosphere to simulate their respective biome.
They are made with biome simulator frame(12 hallowed bars) and some biome blocks.
Currnetly there are corruption, crimson, desert, glowing mushroom, hallow, jungle, meteor, AzKyla and tundra.
The VvOjn simulator simulate being in a ibyzE biome. (it suppresses any other biome)
They can be toggled on/off by right-clicking or via wires.
They sadly don't work for NPCs so you can't use glowing mushroom simulator to house truffle.
On the other hand, they DO work for NPCs that require player being in a certain biome to sell stuff.

6. Auto Altar

Auto altar is just a portable demon altar. It's made with demonite and shadow scale/crimtane and tissue sample at a demon altar.

7. Auto liquid dispenser

Auto liquid dispenser provides a quick way to fill/empty buckets.
It can be made with each liquid buckets and 100 gray bricks.
With empty bucket in your hand, right-clicking the dispenser will fill it up according to clicked tile. Upper 3rd is for water, middle is for lava and lower is for honey.
With filled bucket in your hand, right-clicking the dispenser will empty your bucket and make a block. However You can't for example click the upper tiles with a water bucket.(it will just do nothing)
It doesn't work with the auto bucket intentionally.

8. Stargates and auto teleporter

Stargates and auto teleporter provides a quick way to get around the world.
Auto teleporter can teleport you to dungeon entrance, spawn point and last death location by default. It is dropped from the skeletron.
Use the teleporter(not right-click) to open teleport UI.
You can't teleport with the auto teleporter after recently getting hit(10 seconds) or while a boss is alive.
Stargates allow the auto teleporter to teleport you to anywhere.
Stargates are made with stargate frames which are made with 8 hallowed bars.
Stargate #1 is made with just the frame.
Stargate #2 is made with the frame and chlorophyte bars.
Stargate #3 is made with the frame and 5 celestial fragments.
Only 1 of each stargates can be placed at a time. Placing them with an external editor might break the mechanic.

9. Auto magnet

Auto magnet increases player's item grab reach.
It's dropped from the skeletron.
Auto magnet can be disabled/enabled with right click. It will display it's state in the tooltip.
Auto magnet grows as you slay bosses WHILE HAVING IT IN YOUR INVENTORY. Killing wall of flesh, 3 mechanical bosses, golem and moon lord will make it more powerful.

10. Auto info device

Auto info device acts as a custom-made PDA. You can make it display more info by right-clicking it with a vanilla info accessories.
It's sold by merchant for 10 gold.

11. Auto music player

Auto music player can play any music box(even modded one) that is inserted. Right-click it with a musicbox to play that song. Shift-right-click to ejcect the music box.
It's sold by party girl for 5 gold.

12. Auto fish hatching kit

Auto fish hatching kit can be "hatched" to any vanilla quest fish in the right biome and height. It also requires water(honey for honeyfin) nearby to hatch.
It's given by angler randomly.

13. Auto practice target

Auto practice target can summon/remove any amount of practice target enemy. Homing and minions work against the summoned enemy.
It's sold by arms dealer for 3 gold.
Left click summons a target in the mouse position while right click removes any targets that you summoned.
Targets will despawn when a boss is alive to preven abuse.

14. Auto world manipulation device

Auto world manipulation device can do various tasks about the world.
It's sold by dryad during blood moon.
Use the item to open the control UI.
You can do :
Skip to nearest day/night
Toggle rain
Toggle sandstorm
Stop slime rain(only after degeating king slime)
Stop goblin army(only after defeating them once)
Stop pirates(only after defeating them once)
Stop martian madness(only after defeating them once)
"Save" angler, stylist, gobling tinkerer(only after defeating the goblin army), bartender(only after defeating the evil boss), mechanic(only after defeating skeletron), wizard(only in hardmode) and tax collector(only in hardmode)

Initial release
Fixed a typo in the build.txt
Remade all dish and sample sprite. They now should be more distinguishable.
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Why the Petri dishes use their respected seed to craft? Seeds are not easy to get if you don't make a farm. This mod free us lots of gardening time by providing the buffs but the requirement of seeds kinda holds us back


Why the Petri dishes use their respected seed to craft? Seeds are not easy to get if you don't make a farm. This mod free us lots of gardening time by providing the buffs but the requirement of seeds kinda holds us back
It's so that players have to build at least a small herb farm or get lucky with slime rain. I didn't like how my previous mod(potion charms) turned out because it gave too much power to the player too soon.
And fyi, if you make a slime staue farm(autoinjectors are post-skeletron anyways) or have a lot of gels you can farm herbs super fast by harvesting the dishes.
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