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tModLoader Various Weathers

Discussion in 'Released' started by Yuyutsu, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Hello all! Yuyutsu here, and I'd like to introduce you to a mod I've been working on for the past couple months. Welcome to:

    icon.png Various Weathers icon.png

    Various Weathers is a mod that focuses on adding multiple small weather events to Terraria! There are currently 20 different weather effects! Their occurrence will be discussed in further detail down below. Some events have additional content attached to them, but some are nothing more than custom weather effects. Try talking to an NPC to find out what you can do during some weather effects!

    Weather effects have a predetermined chance of occurring at the start or end of every day (4:30 AM or 7:30 PM). Some weathers need prerequisites (for example, it needs to be raining for Thunderstorms to occur). Some weather effects can occur in tandem, but most only occur by themselves.

    Let's jump right into each weather effect!
    Light Rain/Heavy Rain
    10.png 5.png
    Light showers or heavy storms have a chance of occurring when it rains. For one day, rain is either extremely light or very, very heavy (the screen darkens and visibility is near zero). This weather has no additional content.


    Hail can occur anywhere (except for the desert) but is most common in the Snow Biome! It only occurs while raining. Ice Slimes can spawn anywhere during Hail.


    Heat Wave
    Heat waves can occur any day when it's not raining. The heat slows you down and impairs your vision. Try cooling of in water, underground, or in the Ice Biome!


    Wind/Heavy Wind
    6.png 7.png
    Windy days can occur occasionally, based on the vanilla wind speed. From 20- 30 mph, light winds can be seen. However, 30+ mph winds can push the player back and throw leaves and more around! Head underground to seek refuge from these powerful gusts!


    Thunderstorms can occur at any time while it is raining. Lightning strikes are common above-ground, coupled with new thunder effects! Additional content is as follows:
    FlyingFish (5).png VoltaicElemental.png
    Gliding Voltfish- A variant of the Flying Fish that can electrify nearby players!
    Voltaic Elemental- A sentient mass of rubble that is supercharged by electricity! Spawns in Hardmode at nighttime, and shoots out small beams of fluctuating electricity at the player!
    Fluxvolt Staff- Shoots out three beams of fluctuating electricity. Drops from Voltaic Elementals occasionally.


    Meteor Shower
    Meteor Showers occur post EoW at nighttime! Multiple vibrant and different colored meteors rain down from the sky, bringing with them a whole host of otherworldly enemies!
    MWormHead (5).png Probe.png MeteorSlime (11).png Blob (8).png
    Ion Courser- A new, fiery worm found in the Meteor Biome during Meteor Showers!
    Celestial Probe- An astral spaceship that shoots beams at the player! It can spawn anywhere.
    Celestial Slime- An astral slime with starry energy coursing within. It can spawn anywhere.
    Panspermic Blob- A monstrous blob that sucks the lifeforce out of nearby players. It can emerge from a crashed meteor.
    AstralStaff.png MeteorStaff.png
    Celestial Conduit- Summons a spatial rift that shoots beams at nearby enemies! Drops from Celestial Slimes/Probes rarely.
    Meteor Shower- Rains down meteors from the sky and from the staff itself for some deadly crossfire. Drops from Celestial Probes and Ion Coursers rarely.


    Jellyfish Swarm

    The ocean seems to be teeming with new waves of Jellyfish! During this time, the ocean will literally glow as only Jellyfish will spawn in the waters. Pink, Blue, and Green Jellyfish have a chance of spawning, as well as certain new Jellies! New fishing catches are available too! It's far easier to catch all types of jellyfish bait.

    EthericJellyfish (2).png VoltaicJellyfish (4).png ThermalJellyfish (2).png
    Etheric Jellyfish- A rare jellyfish that creates shadow clones of itself tow attack the player. Upon death, it creates a vortex that suffocates the player.
    Voltaic Jellyfish- A jellyfish that electrifies the player!
    Thermal Jellyfish- A fiery jellyfish that burns the player with a stronger burn that can sap your life even underwater! It explodes when dying as well, so watch out.
    ThermalJelly.png EtherJelly.png VoltJelly.png ThermalCage.png VoltaicCage.png EthericCage.png StickyJelly.png VoltaicCell.png ThermalCore.png EthericCharm.png
    Jellyfish Bait and Jellyfish Jars- Can be caught at the ocean.
    Viscous Jelly- A throwing weapon that can be caught en-masse and thrown at enemies. They stick to enemies and slow them down!
    Voltaic Cell- Drops from Voltaic Jellyfish rarely. Electrifies the 'Viscous Jelly' weapon and causes it to completely stun enemies.
    Thermal Core- Drops from Thermal Jellyfish rarely. Direct melee hits in enemies cause them to combust
    Etheric Vortex- Killing enemies may create large lift field that propels enemies upwards.


    Acid Rain
    Acid Rains are a dangerous event that can occur in Hardmode during the rain! The player and all enemies are afflicted by the 'Acid' debuff which deals damage and cuts defense slightly. The player is also beset by acidic enemies that are quite dangerous. However, make sure you scour the world, for new plants are growing that can cure your ailments...
    A couple ideas were based on this old suggestion by @SzGamer227 so be sure to check it out!

    Imported_piskel_1_7.png Imported_piskel.png Imported_piskel_1_2.png Masteroid_(Medium) (1) (1) (4).png Tentacle_Cluster_1.png HazmatZombie (2).png
    Sulfurous Nimbus- An acidic version of the Angry Nimbus that rains acid on the player!
    Nitric Horror- A teleporting monster that periodically creates healing bolts that heals nearby enemies if their health was low.
    Acid Slime- A slime that gets far more aggressive if its health is lowered
    Tentablob- A slow blob of eyes that releases spurts of eyes whenever it is hit. Releases three tentagnats when killed!
    Tentagnat- A fast moving eyeball that quickly rushes at the player.
    Hazmat Zombie- A slow, tough zombie that is clad in Hazmat gear.

    Tentacle_Cluster.png Tentacle_Cluster_2_2 (1) (1) (1).png
    Tentacle Cluster- Drops from Tentablobs/gnats. Crafts multiple potions and furniture.

    ToxictopTile.png ToxictopItem.png ToxicPotion.png AcidFlask.png AcidEyePotion.png
    Toxictop- Grows on grass during Acid Rain! It is poisonous, but it can be used in many potions.
    Toxictop Brew- Increases melee crit chance and speed at the cost of life regeneration.
    Flask of Acid- Melee weapons coat enemies in acid.
    Wardeye Potion- Grants immunity to the Acid debuff!

    HazmatHelm.png Razoreye.png Hornet.png Tentabow.png
    Hazmat Helmet- Drops from Hazmat Zombies rarely. Grants immunity to the 'Acid' debuff. Works in vanity slots too!
    Razoreye- A homing boomerang that can drop from all Acid Rain enemies.
    Hornet- A very rare gun that drops from any enemy. Its shots create lingering pools of acid.
    Tentabow- Drops from Tentablobs and Gnats rarely. Occasionally shoots out a spurt of eyes as well as arrows.


    4.png 11.png

    Ashfall and Ash Storms are a hardmode weather evemt. Ashfall simply causes ash to rain down from the sky. Ashstorms, however, are far more dangerous, coupled with monsters from another world...

    Ash Spawn- A common, volatile enemy that combusts into fireballs whenever it is hit!
    Ash Hopper- A speedy enemy that rushes at the player
    Netch- A slow moving, tentacled beast that can electrify the player! It is surrounded by its brood of 2-3 Netch Calves, which are smaller and less powerful.
    Spawn Rider- An Ash Spawn upon an Ash Hopper that wields a staff that shoots fireballs at the player.

    HopperLeg.png NetchJelly.png HeartStone.png NetchPotion.png NetchStaff.png FrostHeartStaff.png CrystalStaff.png BloodskaalBlade.png
    Ash Hopper Leg- Drops from Ash Hoppers. A consumable snack that regenerates the player!
    Netch Jelly- Drops from Netches. An important ingredient.
    Heart Stone- Drops from Ash Spawns occasionally. An important ingredient in the crafting of many staves.
    Netchbile Potion- Crafted with Waterleaf, Netch Jelly, and Ash Hopper Legs. Allows the player to stun enemies.
    Netchrift Staff- Crafted with Heart Stones and Netch Jelly. Summons a circle of tentacles at the cursor position.
    Fiery Frostfall- Crafted with Heart Stones and a Frost Core. Shoots out a core of fire and ice.
    Shardstorm- Crafted with Heart Stone and Crystal Shards. Shoots out a bolt of crystals that split into tiny crystal shards.

    Boreal Aurora

    Boreal Auroras are a nighttime event in which Auroras illuminate the night sky in the Snow Biome and Outer Space! The event is relatively calm, and has some beautiful music, but also a couple of ethereal enemies and loot!

    AuroraVeil (2).png
    Taigal Tern- A fast arctic bird that occasionally charges at the player.
    Boreal Stag- A passive deer until it has been damaged. It will then charge at the player, shooting homing Aurora Wisps at the player!
    Aurora Veil- An ephemeral veil that shoots different projectiles at the player based on what type of weapo type they are using.

    AuroraBow.png AuroraHelm.png AuroraOrb.png
    Borealis- Drops from Taigal Terns rarely. All arrows shot out are illuminated with a blue light. Use it to light your way!
    Boreal Mask- Drops from Boreal Stags rarely. Increases max minion slots, and also offers a set bonus when worn with Boreal Wood Armor!
    Prismatic Orb- Drops from Aurora Veils rarely. Getting hurt may release a homing wisp from the player.


    Hurricanes are very rare rain events! The wind increases to a whopping 100mph, and lightning is very common. Projectiles and items are all buffeted by the strong winds. Be careful!


    Tremors are a dangerous underground event! A tremor occurs once on the surface to indicate the player of the dangers lurking below. Tremors then only occur underground, and increase in intensity the further you travel underground. Mining is more profitable, as mining stone yields rare ore and gems, but may also release entrapped enemies..

    Tarsap Horror- Spawns when mining stone rarely. It rains down sticky, slowing tar upon the player.
    Lavalith- Spawns at the Cavern level and the Underworld. Shoots out geysers of searing flame at the player!

    Fossil Bow- Drops from Tarsap Horrors rarely. Converts arrows into powerful Bone Arrows.


    Cold Fronts
    Cold Fronts are the counterpart to Heat Waves. In them, the background turns to a snowcapped mountain ridge, and water becomes cold and chilly! Snow rains down from the sky around the world, and snowy enemies spawn anywhere!

    Butterfly Swarms/Firefly Swarms
    16.png 17.png
    Butterfly and Firefly Swarms are peaceful events that increase the likelihood of finding Butterflies and Fireflies. They happen at day or night, respectively.

    Tranquil Winds
    Tranquil Winds are a purity-only event wherein enemies do not spawn, and all hostile weather ceases. Leaves fall from the sky, and calm music plays. Water glows and regenerates the player, and the spawnrates of critters increase.

    Stardust is a simple nighttime event in which sparks and stardust rain from the sky.

    Make sure to check out our Discord Server for special spoilers, regular updates, indepth discussions, and more!

    Check out @Gameraiders101’s latest review of the mod!

    Check out a glimpse of what to expect from v1.0!

    Download: is out! Here's a full changelog!
    Hey guys! Quick patch for you all! v1.0.0.6:
    - Lightning no longer passes through walls
    - Made wind sounds not be so deep and tinny
    - Fixed Heavy Winds not pushing the player around

    - Meteor sky shader is now no longer shown everywhere and is far less intense
    - Enemies from cold fronts or hailstorms no longer spawn in invasions, moons, etc, as well as other event enemies
    - Ashfalls and storms are now always windy so ash isn't wonky
    - Reduced wall requirements for shelter (now will work even if there's no wall on the floor)
    - Meteorological Scanner now does not require wire but instead lenses to make it easier to obtain
    - Changed the rarities of some items
    - Decreased Tarsap Spawn Chances
    - Made tremor ore and gems spawn from ash as well as stone

    - The Old One's Army is now fully compatible with this mod! No more annoying disappearing acts or enemy despawns!
    - Seek shelter and refuge in houses or caves from events! If the player is in front of walls, Winds, Acid Rain, Heat Waves, and Meteor Showers lose their shaders, and do not inflict harmful debuffs on the player (in the case of Acid Rain and Heat Waves)
    - Windy day requirement minimum now increased to 23 mph
    - Reduced the volume of wind sound effects
    - Fixed a bug with water and heat waves
    - Auroras can now be seen in space at nighttime when the event is going on
    - Tremors now only occur once on the surface and then only underground, and no longer daze the player when they jump or fall
    - Fixed water in cold fronts not chilling players
    - Reduced the spawn chances of fireflies during the firefly swarm event
    - Buffed aurora weapons and gear
    - Meteor Showers now only have blue meteors, and have a slight blue tinged shader

    - Fixed all ranged projectiles having blue dust and light
    - Fixed hurricanes knocking back target dummies
    - Fixed Ice Elementals spawning in preHM during Hail (it's meant to be Eskimo Zombies)
    - Reduced the intensity of the wind shader
    - Removed the glowing water of Jellyfish Swarms, as it led to lighting bugs and errors
    - Fixed Taigal Terns dropping no money

    This update has been in the works for months, and promises to revitalize your Terraria playthrough! The update includes new enemies, events, and countless fixes! Let's get into it:
    - Added 10 new weather events! This caps out the number of events at 20! The added events are: Boreal Auroras, Ashfall, Ash Storms, Cold Fronts, Tremors, Tranquil Winds, Butterfly Swarms, Firefly Swarms, Hurricanes, Stardust
    - Overhauled weather spawning! A new UI has been added to detect weather
    - Added multiple new enemies! (Ash Storms) Ash Spawn, Spawn Rider, Ash Hopper, Netch/Netch Calf (Boreal Aurora) Boreal Stag, Taigal Tern, Aurora Veil (Tremors) Lavalith, Tarsap Horror
    - Added many new items! Atmospheric Purifier, Meteorological Scanner, Climate Surveyor, (Ash Storm) Bloodskaal Blade, Netch Jelly, Heart Stone, Ash Hopper Leg, Netchbile Potion, Fiery Frostfall, Shardstorm, Netchrift Staff
    (Boreal Aurora) Borealis, Boreal Mask, Prismatic Orb, (Tremors) Bone Bow
    - Added many effects for weathers! Lightning in the back of Thunderstorms, airborne particles during Heavy Winds, meteors in the background in Meteor Showers, and many more!
    - NEW MUSIC! Added music for Acid Rain, Meteor Showers, Jellyfish Swarms, and Ash Storms. Added sound effects for wind and such
    - Explore new worlds to find Broken Beacons, which can then be crafted into Meteorological Scanners to display special weather types! Or, buy a Climate Surveyor from the Goblin Tinkerer in hardmode
    - Added Atmospheric Purifier, which negates Acid in a large radius
    - Added different rain colors to different biomes and events (Corruption, Crimson, Hallowed, Acid)
    - Added a mod icon
    - ADDED MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT! All events *should* work in multiplayer

    - Changed how Wind spawns! Wind is now entirely dependent on vanilla wind speed, and can happen anytime!
    - Removed all text warnings for events
    - Reduced the intensity of heatstroke, but it is more dangerous in the Desert. Bottled Water now negates its effects for a long duration.
    - Fixed Bug that caused rain events to still play out even if the rain stops for that day
    - Resprites of Panspermic Blob, Acid Slime added
    - Heavy Wind now does not push players if they are protected by tiles
    - Fixed Creepy Chest's recipe
    - Greatly increased the chances for most weather events
    - Multiple minor bugfixes
    - Nerfed multiple acid rain enemies and the Voltaic Elemental
    - Changed the AI of some projectiles (Voltaic Staff, Hornet, etc.) and how they are shot from weapons
    - Increased the spawn chances of rare jellyfish, reduced the intensity of glowing oceans in Jellyfish Swarms
    - Tentacle Furniture Set optimized
    - Some events now cannot overlap. Most, however, can (Acid Lightning, Auroras and Stardust)
    - Multiple new effects to Hailstorms (particle changes, slight snowing, etc)
    Download using the Mod Browser or with this Mediafire link.

    Feel free to donate to support my continued efforts to mod Terraria in order to make it a more fun experience for all! Thank you so much :D
    Donate here~

    Massive thanks to @Vladimier, @East, @Godslayer, @Boffin for being my partners in crime! Love these fellow devs :D

    Huge thanks to @Godslayer (lol) for the mod icon, and @TerrorPenguin for the Creep Cluster tile
    Huge thanks to @East, @jopojelly, @Kachow and @Boffin for help with code!

    Please let me know what you think! Any and all feedback is appreciated. All ideas for future weather events are also welcomed. I'm brainstorming some more interesting weather effects with a few people, so stay tuned. Enjoy!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  2. Mrrp

    Mrrp Terrarian

    Looks beautiful
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  3. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Is this compatible with the weather radio?
  4. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    This is actually amazing. Thank you!
    Yuyutsu likes this.
  5. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Nah, I still need to figure out how to do that. However, you do get a little notification every time the weather changes!
  6. Snowrain

    Snowrain Golem

    I absolutly love the idea of different types of weather and I really hope you'll continue to update this.
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  7. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    No worldgen, right? Cause I might wanna add this to my modpack.
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  8. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Nope; this can be added at any time.

    Also, thanks to the great @Boffin, we've got some spicy weather coming your way:
  9. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Also, maybe make Toxictop an underground plant so that you can more easily survive being outside? Like, so the progression would be go underground, get herb, brew potion, go back to surface. Just a thought.
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  10. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Perhaps, but that would incentivize the player to skip the event (which only occurs aboveground) in order to then find a way to mitigate the negative effects of the event, rendering it quite impotent. In short, there’s gotta be some challenge to obtaining Toxictops- are you willing to step into the Acid Rain to do it? :)
  11. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Hey guys, a new update is up!

    Various Weathers v0.2.0.1
    New content:
    - Added 2 new weather events- Wind and Heavy Wind! with custom wind speeds detectable by the Weather Radio! Both have noticeable on-screen effects.
    - Changed the knockback of the pools of Acid released by the Hornet.
    on the Mod Browser or with the attached link (here or on the OP).

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  12. csch1

    csch1 Terrarian

    This looks amazing. I assume it is not compatible with Terraria Overhaul though, since both add lightning/thunderstorms. Any chance for compatibilty in the future?
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  13. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t be compatible, both code Thunderstorms/Lightning differently. I haven’t tested it, though.
  14. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Wow, it looks great as usual! Pretty fun to play it with Spirit mod!:happy:
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  15. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I’m working on the next update currently, and I’d really like you guys to help me out with some suggestions!

    Would you like to see:
    - More small, frequent weather events (like wind, heavy rain). If so, what?
    - Larger events with more content and associated enemies/items. If so, what?
    - Do you prefer one or the other?

    Thanks! :D
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  16. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Personally, I'd be interested in some more control over it all. With so many events, there should definetely be something to get what you want.
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  17. csch1

    csch1 Terrarian

    Can confirm that Terraria Overhaul plays nice with this mod so far. Thunderstorms are a bit odd with two different types of lightning but it still works!
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  18. Wigmr

    Wigmr Terrarian

    Excellent mod! Spicing up every Terraria day.

    The rain events though (hail, t-storm, acid rain, and downpour change), they seem a bit off. With how Terraria handles rain, you could get a 1-second thunderstorm or acid rain if bad timing occurs. Acid rain is particularly bad when this happens; it essentially becomes a green day.

    Actual chances for Rain/Blizzard are 1 in 475,200 per game tick. There are 60 ticks per real-world second, or in-game minute. So, throughout a full in-game day, the chance of rain is about 16.6%. This is equivalent to a storm occurring every six in-game days, or every 2 hours and 24 minutes in real-time.

    I'm no master of code, but maybe for rain events perform the randomization about a minute after a rain starts. Maybe, after a while, another randomization occurs to possibly start a different rain event.
    1:00 - Rain starts.
    2:00 - Mod rolls the dice. 50% chance nothing will change, 30% chance to change to light/heavy rain, 10% chance thunderstorm, 10% chance hail, 10% chance acid rain if in hardmode (this will be change nothing in pre-hm)
    7:00 - Roll dice again.

    When rain stops, all modded events stop.
    These percents and time frames probably aren't the best.:confused:

    Also, I'm not a big fan of the windy day event, but it's probably just me. I like constantly changing wind.
    Here's another suggestion.
    Mod keeps an eye on the wind speed whenever it starts changing.
    If wind is greater than or equal to 40mph (any direction), "It's getting windy outside!" will post in chat and wind effects will show.
    If wind is greater than or equal to 60mph (any direction), "The wind is roaring!" will post in chat and Mighty Wind will be inflicted, like the roaring winds currently present.

    Note: Experiments on future posts make these numbers extremely inaccurate...

    Good luck with development! My ideas might not suit the style you're going for or they may be too hard to code, so it's ultimately your choice. :)
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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  19. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the mod.

    I’ll be sure to edit the rain events to start after rain is present with some kind of timer.

    As for rolling the dice on certain weather events, I’ll have to tinker with that code. I’ll keep you guys posted, though!

    I’ll definitely change the wind events to start when it gets windy naturally instead of artifically changing the wind. I’m not sure how high vanilla wind gets speed-wise, though, so I’m not sure what the base speeds of light/heavy wind should be.

    Thanks again :)
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  20. Sir AFK

    Sir AFK Terrarian

    This mod is truly beautiful. It make me really happy to see. Good work.
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