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tModLoader Various Weathers

Discussion in 'Released' started by Yuyutsu, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    More varied weathers (and events tied to them) is one thing I've always found lacking in vanilla Terraria. Can't say how much I love everything I'm seeing here. You have a real knack for filling-in weak spots. Top-notch work as always!

    Also did you have this mind for 1.3.6 with its wind effects but got impatient? If so, I wouldn't blame you. :p

    I think during the day that would look fine -- otherwise it's pretty bright for night imo. Is it possible to add fog events like that one just to mornings? Or better yet, have the that fog layer brighten-up as the day comes -- perhaps by fading-in multiple fog layers, each one brighter than the last as day comes. Also a nice touch would be changing the sky to grey and hiding the sun (by changing the sun graphic to a blank image) in order to give the illusion of overcast during such conditions.
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  2. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Thank you! Always glad to have you pop by and weigh in on my mods, I really appreciate it :D

    I can't lie, I was a little annoyed to find out that Wind Speed did literally nothing to the game. And the game is quite static without a few, small changes from time to time. Those were a couple of my reasons for wanting to work on this mod!

    While we're not working on Fog, we do have something else amazing planned for you guys! @Boffin's work is without compare. Ignore the lag, that comes from the video recorder itself :D
  3. DaysGone

    DaysGone Skeletron Prime


    Suggestion: Make it Snow Biome specific at random times at night.
  4. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Yup! That's the plan ;)
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  5. DaysGone

    DaysGone Skeletron Prime

    Good! I love your work
  6. DaysGone

    DaysGone Skeletron Prime

    Weird suggestions also!

    1: Starry Blackhole night: Contains a beautiful starry night with a blackhole in the center sucking all the light in. This can start a mini event spawning 3 new creatures.
    2: Terra-Way Galaxy Gazing: An event that can happen anywhere at night where you can see all the stars in the Terra-Way Galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy reference).
    3: Maybe Neutron Star stuffs or a Super Nova event. I don't know, you're the genius!
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  7. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Make sure to join the discord for constant updates, exclusive spoilers, and a way to make your suggestions known to us! https://discord.gg/EzT6jh Hope to see you there :)
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  8. crylistic

    crylistic Terrarian

    want my boss sprite for the supreme cultist?
  9. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Nah, this mod’s meant to be on the smaller scale. No bosses here :p
  10. crylistic

    crylistic Terrarian

  11. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Just flippin' through the days to look for more Auroras!
  12. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Another spoiler for you guys!
    ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif
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  13. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    I'm playing with this mod and i love it. Terraria clearly missed something like that (And me being a fan of weather mods in bethesda games, it's a huge thing).
    I wonder.. I always imagine Terraria world being a huge island that is between worlds and different timelines of real world.. how about a very rare Radstorm, or a Blackout (very dark night were light sources are half as effective).
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  14. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Watch your step...
    ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2).gif
  15. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I really can't get enough of sharing these spoilers with you all :D
  16. Levi the Shader

    Levi the Shader Plantera

    Is that a new music for Jellyfish Swarm?

    I was waiting a mod like this :happy:. Seeing the spoilers and the other stuff, they gaves me desire to play it!
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  17. Terraria 2

    Terraria 2 Terrarian

    It would be perfect, but.. It once broke my main world, Mod error (Started wind in the forest on surface, i was building something, and it disturbed me always moving to one side. So i decided reload world)-> reload -> cant load world -> cant load backup. I thing reloading world during weather events may crash the world. So sad...
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  18. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Could you give me the error you got?
  19. Gameraiders101

    Gameraiders101 Terrarian

    I love you Phoenix <3
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  20. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Just a preview of what you'll be looking forward to very soon ;)