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    Samrux's Virtuous weapon pack! Aiming to create new and fun weapon mechanics.

    50,000+ downloads on Mod Browser!

    Have you ever wanted to shoot an arrow at the sky and have it rain despair on your enemies, fling your foes into the air and make them take fall damage, or hastily punch mobs to death like in a true anime scene? In this mod we include 23 unique weapons to play around with, most of which balanced for late-hardmode to Moon Lord.

    This is just a hobby, so I'm glad to share the source code for anyone that might want to take a look for any purpose, specially if you want to learn or contribute. GitHub link on the bottom.


    • The Gobbler
    This fantastic invention allows you to suck up any item from the ground, and then shoot it at your enemies! Each and every item in the game will possess different damage, properties and behavior; I promise you'll have tons of fun, so try everything in your inventory. Don't worry, the items are fully returned after being shot. Works with modded items!

    This is the best I've done. It is designed for hilarity and is the biggest individual work I've made with over 1,000 lines of code. Shoot your Terra Blade and on impact with enemies it will launch terra beams in all directions, shoot The Axe and hear the music as it bounces around, shoot your pet to call it to the impact location. Fiery items burn enemies as slimy items cover them in gel, big items can't travel as far, blocks and walls have huge knockback, the Arkhalis is completely broken and you should TOTALLY try it. The possibilities are endless, and I put so many little details in it.
    No seriously you gotta try this out.

    Currently, The Gobbler drops from Moon Lord with a 100% chance.

    • A completely new weapon type: Orbitals
    - 12 items spread throughout the game progression
    - While active, they stay near the caster, dealing damage to enemies and providing boosts and effects. They utilize the player's highest damage between magic and melee.
    - The orbitals don't occupy buff slots, and their damage doesn't interfere with other piercing weapons!


    A complex yet dynamic system makes these a true and developed weapon type!
    Repel enemies, suck the life out of your foes (for a price), and find a new gameplay style; these are some of the possibilities of the new orbitals!

    Where to find the orbitals:
    • Sailspike: Crafted with gel and I forgot what else
    • Facade: Dropped from Skeletron.
    • Bubble: Crafted at a Crystal Ball with 100 Gel and a Water Bucket.
    • Fireball: Crafted at some Books with 10 Hellstone Bars and 1 Tattered Cloth.
    • Lucky Break: Dropped from pirates!
    • Energy Crystal: Dropped occasionally from mechanical bosses.
    • Spiked Bubble: Crafted at a Crystal Ball using the regular Bubble, 10 Crystal Shards, 20 Pink Gel and a Life Fruit.
    • Holy Light: Dropped by the Golem.
    • Sacrificial Daggers: Dropped by Giant Cursed Skulls in the post-Plantera dungeon.
    • Bullseye: Crafted using a Rifle Scope, 10 Vortex Fragments and 5 Amber at an Ancient Manipulator.
    • Twilight: Dropped by Duke Fishron.
    • Blades of Virtue: Crafted using 12 Luminite Bars, 20 Ectoplasm and 50 Souls of Might at an Ancient Manipulator.

    • 3 melee weapons, 4 ranged weapons, and 3 magic weapons; all unique and fine-tuned, with new mechanics!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Incomplete list of short clips:
    Ether Slit
    Crusher Mace
    Flurry Nova
    Titan's shield
    Lion's Mane


    Crusher Mace:
    -Staff of Earth
    -Chlorophyte Warhammer
    -20 x Marble

    Flurry Nova:
    -KO Cannon
    -8 x Solar Fragments
    -8 x Stardust Fragments

    Titan Shield:
    -Paladin's Hammer
    -Paladin's Shield
    -10 x Luminite Bar

    -Fire Feather
    -10 x Solar Tablet Fragment

    -Illegal Gun Parts
    -50 x Nanites
    -10 x Ectoplasm

    Art of War:
    -10 x Vortex Fragments
    -30 x Dynasty Wood

    -Daedalus Stormbow
    -10 x Luminite Bar
    -1 x Diamond
    -1 x Ruby
    -1 x Emerald
    -1 x Sapphire
    -1 x Topaz
    -1 x Amethyst
    -1 x Amber

    Staff of Flinging:
    -Dirt Rod
    -Giant Harpy Feather
    -10 x Chlorophyte Bar
    -5 x Fallen Star

    Lion's Mane:
    -Cursed Flames / Golden Shower
    -8 x Nebula Fragments
    -8 x Solar fragments

    Ether Slit:
    -Sky Fracture
    -10 x Luminite Bars
    -20 x Ectoplasm
    -1 x Black Lens

    • And a set of Laser Pointers
    Crafted with Iron/Lead, Wire, and a Gemspark Block of choice.

    Many thanks to all the people that made this mod possible!
    - @Vladimier, @Godslayer, @iCatfish, @RainbowDrago, @NyctoDarkMatter - Spriters, and much more
    - @aWolfen and @Valkyrie Valhalla for getting me into the modding world and pushing me forward
    - ÐarkŁight and all the nice people for all the coding help in the tModLoader Discord group.
    - Every person in the Virtuous Discord group, including those above, for all your invaluable feedback, support and ideas. Such cool dudes

    Current Version: 1.1.1
    The mod can be downloaded from tModLoader's built-in Mod Browser! Also in the attached file on the bottom.


    [​IMG] Click to go to the Discord server

    [​IMG] Click to go to the GitHub
    Be a nicer person and ask if you want to use some of my code [​IMG]


    Near-future plans:
    • Fix a possible duplication glitch with the Gobbler on multiplayer (I had to pick between that or a disappearance glitch...)
    • Many new cool orbital ideas we had prepared, including accessories
    • A few downgrades and sidegrades of current and unmentioned weapon concepts, along the game progression
    • More and better sprites, from our great team
    • And of course, new and epic weapons Fixed Sailspike recipe

    • Added Chinese translation (Thanks Dierney!)
    • The Gobbler now keeps item prefixes Updated for optimization with the latest version of tModLoader (


    • Added weapon **Spotter**: Upon a successful bullet hit, it calls for a sniper to deal a huge blow on your target from afar.
    • Added 3 new orbitals:
    - **Fireball**: Underworld-tier, it spins slowly dealing large damage, and right-click creates a small explosion.
    - **Lucky Break**: Dropped from pirates, a hand of 5 cards that shuffle and provide varied luck-based effects.
    - **Energy Crystal**: Dropped ocassionally by mechanical bosses, the crystals cycle and shoot at nearby enemies.
    • Added colored **Laser Pointers**; they're fun with cats, just don't aim them at your eyes.
    • Added Russian and Spanish translations. Most items and their descriptions are translated.
    • Fixed that old nasty bug that lagged the hell out of orbitals when holding them if you had the kRPG mod.
    • Improved Orbital tracking, now they don't jitter when moving through slopes. Smooth!
    • Made Sailspike craftable instead of dropped by King Slime.
    • Fixed some Gobbler shot item effects only working in English.
    • Internal changes; I like pretty code.

    1.0.5 - Lion's Mane visual slightly changed, Ether Slit should work better on multiplayer, and fixed another bug where you could get to negative mana (the previous two related fixes were lazy, this one's good)
    -Fixed Lion's Mane and Ether Slit's right-click uses not consuming mana
    -Reworked Twilight orbital's death effect
    -Internal: The entire orbital system has been overhauled and rewritten. As a result, orbitals should work a little better in multiplayer, and there is a better base for more multiplayer fixes in the future. It's also now easier than ever to create your own orbital, so be sure to talk to me if that's something that sounds interesting! The source is on GitHub.
    1.0.3 - Fixed severe lag caused by shooting the Gobbler, and fixed Lion's Mane flashing with right-click use.
    1.0.2 - Changed Crusher Mace sprite, tweaked Sacrificial Daggers lifesteal (it was a buff)
    1.0.1 - GitHub integration, added mod icon
    1.0.0 - 19 weapons

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    Lions Mane is the best one imo
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    would like an external download
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    It's on github, too!
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    I looked
    couldn't find the .tmod file
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    Oh, it's in the "releases" tab.

    GitHub is confusing... Sure thing, I'll add the file to the thread right now.
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    thanks m8
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    They look so cool! Especially the Rainbow.

    The flashy-ness aspect of weapons is kinda why I tend to play as mages.
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    Looks pretty cool. I can't wait to try it out.
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    this is some good :red: my friend
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    Nice mod, Samrux. Keep up the good work!
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    ayyyy Hype!
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    Looks freaking cool!
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    just downloaded this mod activated it and tested everything out. this might not have the most content out there but what it does have is pretty phenomenal keep up the good work
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    I like this, its interesting in its own way.
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    Thanks so much for 1000 downloads on Mod Browser on the first day! And to all of you above for your kind words.


    I hope you enjoy using these as much as I and the team enjoyed making and developing them; and if you do, be sure to comment the mod with your friends [​IMG]
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    Your welcome!;)
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    New hotfix up!

    Changelog so far:
    1.0.3 - Fixed severe lag caused by shooting the Gobbler, and fixed Lion's Mane flashing with right-click use.
    1.0.2 - Changed Crusher Mace sprite, tweaked Sacrificial Daggers lifesteal (it was a buff)
    1.0.1 - GitHub integration, added mod icon
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  19. DeuxGzuis

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    I would like to report a Bug, everytime i pick the item ''Facade'' which drops from Skeleton, the entire game just bugs and crash when i try to save, the moment this item enter my inventory everything just bugs, if you try to replicate this and don't find the bug, try using Kalciphoz RPG mod, it can have a incompatibility with the new Kalciphoz RPG inventory.

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  20. Samrux

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    Thanks for the report and the screenshot! There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary for that item in particular; does it happen with all orbitals or just Facade? How many mods in total have you got installed? Does something similar happen with, for example, Thorium's bard or healing class weapons, which also have custom characteristics?
    The problem at first glance appears to stem from the other mod itself and how it handles modded item data.
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