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Was there a Steam character wipe?

Je Saist

Based on achievements listed on Steam I haven't played Terraria since 2015.

Had a few friends over today so we kind of figured, you know, after 3 or 4 years that Crossplay from console to PC would have been implemented and we had enough systems with Terraria access (PS3, Switch, WiiU, PS4, Windows, Linux) that we figured we could get some local block building mayhem going.

So casual forum goers might already guess how the first idea went down. Crossplay is not yet implemented, and there's quite a few forum posts on that already. No determinable date on when crossplay will be implemented and for which platforms. At this point we can probably safely say the PS3 and WiiU versions won't ever be linked, but PS4/Win/Linux/Switch are the ones that fall into the "Seriously, are you pulling my tail?" category.

Anyways, what there are not a few forum posts on is whether or not there was a general character wipe of characters saved to Steam cloud.

A question I started asking after I first installed Terraria to a Linux system and not having my characters load in on cloud-sync. My immediate deduction was that it was a file location issue with file-pathways being different enough that Steam didn't know where to send the characters created on Windows to under a Linux install. So I triggered a Windows install to get the characters, and to my surprise, again, no characters in synced cloud data.

I've had Terraria since 2012, and I kind of liked being able to just load up Steam and jump back in every now and then.

I'm not really that bummed about loosing access to characters and/or worlds that may or may not have been synced to Steam Cloud since well, I haven't played this game in almost 4 years. I'm okay with all of the characters I created long ago have been rendered incompatible over the game updates, and I'm not too terribly irked about loosing whatever worlds I had previously built.

That being said my curiosity has been piqued, so before I start diving into my Windows and Linux backups of years past to see about recovering any characters I might have had previously, since it is not clearly documented in any of the Re-Logic provided documentation, is there a specific API/ABI or data-file change that renders characters of a specific build or age incapable of being loaded?

Does anybody have any links to any documentation on when these changes were made or when cloud-saves were wiped in general?


Official Terrarian
I'm not aware of any wipes of the cloud but Steam has a documentation page of how the Steam Cloud works here. It says that all activity on the cloud was recorded in a text file, so if you have that, the wipe may have been recorded there.

Grumpy Squid

Systems Administrator
Staff member
Cross-play was never promised by the developers and it's unreasonable expectation given the fact that the console version are incompatible with the PC. Windows and Linux are compatible with each other though.

Maybe cross-play between XBox and PS4 might be looked into, but again, developers never even promised or hinted at it from what I can gather.

If characters and achievement progress was wiped that's an issue you'll need to bring up with Steam Support because there not only wasn't a character wipe but the developers can not even initiate something like that for their player base.

You can check C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\STEAM ACCOUNT NUMBER\105600\remote to see if your old files are there and if they are usable.
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