Wavebank Wavebank Request


Hiya, Terrarians!

Today I have one small request for you today: I would like a simple custom Wavebank for my personal pack of Terraria. I can't seem to find the second song that I would like to use, so I have to rely on the Terrarians to help me out! I would like the main menu theme to be the same main menu theme that is in the console version of Terraria, and I would like the Underworld theme to be the Chapter 7 lobby theme from BattleBlock Theater. Do not modify the audio levels [volume] of the aforementioned track from BattleBlock Theater. I would HIGHLY PREFER if you ripped(took) the console's menu theme straight from the console version of Terraria so that it may loop perfectly, but if the file does not loop perfectly, send the file to me and I will fix it myself. :)

Thank you, everyone, and have a blessed day! :D
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