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Weapon/Accessory Ideas


Skeletron Prime
I really want to see the Mothron Symbol in the game. Something that looks awesome, cute, and a bit disgusting would be a must-have for me.


Eye of Cthulhu
All these ideas a great, apart from insta-killing werewolves, starmere and true terra blade. Maybe insta-killing werewolves decreases the chance of them dropping stuff?


Headless Horseman
There are loads of items here! There are many fantastic, and some less so. Nevertheless, you have done an amazing job at spriting all of this! I especially love the ideas for the twins & skeletron prime expert drops :) Keep up the good work!


Dungeon Spirit
I didn't even know this thread existed, but after spending 20 minutes reading over each item, I'm nearly thoroughly impressed. There are very few I dislike, and the sprites for every one are absolutely amazing.

The Paradox

There's so many items I can't say which ones I like and which ones I don't, but most of these are really cool! I especially like the Terra blade one.


Ice Queen
this is awesome! why the heck aren't more of these things in a mod? i would love all of this stuff. and the sprites are awesome too.


I have an idea:
Demonflame Shotgun (Weapon):
Ranged weapon that deals medium damage but fire 4 shots at once and each shot has heavy knockback.
Each shot leaves behind a shadowy cloud at it's end that applies "Cell Incineration" debuff to enemies for 3 seconds.
Design is a Black and Red Shotgun with an Underworld theme.

Proton Spear (Weapon):
Melee weapon that deals high damage and spins around the whole player instead of the usual overhead arc.
It has strong knockback and applies the "Bleeding" debuff on-hit for 4 seconds.
Design is a Golden two-pronged spear with a electrical blue orb between the 2 prongs.

Raven Orb (Weapon):
Magic weapon that deals high damage and fires arcane bolts in a straight line with no gravity. Goes through walls as well.
If the bolts hit an enemy it spawns a raven for 5 seconds that targets that specific enemy and disappears when the target is killed
The arcane bolts are purple and have an electrical effect.
Orb looks like a gold carved out raven carrying a purple orb.

Inky Watcher Brush (Weapon):
Summoning weapon that does medium damage and summons a humanoid ink monster with no legs.
Inky Watchers crawl on the ground. Inky Watchers' attacks apply the "Inked" Debuff for 2 seconds each time the target is hit.

Cell Incineration (Debuff):
Deals 10 damage per second and you can't regenerate health and mana regeneration is halved.

Inked (Debuff):
Slows enemies by 10%, adding another 10% each second the user has it.
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