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Weapon/Accessory Ideas

Discussion in 'Portfolios/Multi-Topic' started by Sprite Anon, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Flashstriker

    Flashstriker Plantera

    This is incredible. The amount of time and effort you put into this is amazing! As i love the staff of earth, the Boulder staff is one of my favourites. All the swords, bows and spells effected by different damage modifiers are also awesome, and would really help make summoners more active
  2. LuccaDude84

    LuccaDude84 Terrarian

    I have a suggestion:
    Neutron Gun (Reference to the Ghostbusters Proton Pack)
    Shoots a stream of electric-like projectiles like the ones from the proton pack in Ghostbusters.
    It would do extra damage on any supernatural-themed enemy, and would burn any enemy that isn't supernatural.
    When held, a pack on the back (Like the elf melter) is shown.
    How to craft:
    Soul of Night x2, Soul of Light x2, Flame thrower, and ectoplasm x5.
  3. Chrrsy

    Chrrsy Terrarian

    I'll use some of these in my mod, unless that's not okay with you!
  4. Cubepixel

    Cubepixel Terrarian

    Wow. AMAZING! I'd love to see ALL of them ingame. I think you should have a bit mote stuff for it Like New NPCs and new blocks.
    I'll give you a few ideas.

    The blocks should have healthpads, sold by the nurse for 30 gold in hardmode. It gives you 10 HP every second, which can be very useful.

    And maybe a new Endgame NPC which would sell broken hero swords for 70 Gold and such.

    There's a few ideas to start you off on that, and i hope you Like it. :rslime::kingslime:
  5. AwesomePerson159

    AwesomePerson159 Spazmatism

    Wow! Great sprites! I found the old TO post when looking for mod sprites and loved everything, and I finally found the post again! I used the ones in the first thread (possessed set and mech drops) in the last update of my mod, and the new suggestions are too good to ignore :p

    I coded the Terra Buster into a beta version, and... it's terra busted. I added a meowmere and a star wrath to the recipe, so it's not... too overpowered (although it shreds the moonlord lol).
    Some nerfs required.
  6. Seriously? a TrueTerraBlade? it is oversuggested, but otherwise full support except for the TrueTerraBlade thing
  7. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

    ThatOneJuicyOrange_ Skeletron Prime

    Hey, do you mind if i use some of these ideas and sprites in my mod? The sprites and concepts look really cool :happy:
  8. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    I love this thread however it is not possible to kill the angler, as he is a child. The ability to kill children could bump terrarias rating right to 18+
  9. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    Didn't the devs do this with the new block-swapping feature from 1.3.6(PC ver.)?
  10. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    If a user has an idea for a whole set of items, is this where said user would post these items? If not, where would sets of items be posted?
  11. Meta Knight_but_Terraria

    Meta Knight_but_Terraria Brain of Cthulhu

    I have a weapon, material, and boss. The weapon would be called the Live Wooden Sword, a hardmode sword made out of a material from a boss. The boss would be called Trezilla, summoned by using the summon item, made out of bee hive blocks, acorns, and wood. It drops Live Wood, as well as Live Leaves, which would be used for magic weapons that I will think of later. You would need an Orichalcum/Mythril anvil, because it also takes Chlorophyte (I think that's what the metal stuff in the underground jungle is called).
  12. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    You're right, the ore found in the underground jungle is called Chlorophtye.
  13. Meta Knight_but_Terraria

    Meta Knight_but_Terraria Brain of Cthulhu

    Well, what do you think?
  14. captainfluffypants

    captainfluffypants Steampunker

    would it be OK to include some of these ideas and sprites in a mod?
  15. Meta Knight_but_Terraria

    Meta Knight_but_Terraria Brain of Cthulhu

    The guy who made the thread said yes to another guy, don't see why you couldn't. You can use my idea ;-;
  16. JohnnyDabb2

    JohnnyDabb2 Terrarian

    I believe you meant "Stardust Fragment"