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Weapon that changed your play through the most?


Official Terrarian
Dart Rifle. Every time I go with a ranger playthrough, I just have to use that weapon. It's so fun to use and it's really strong when paired with cursed or crystal darts.


Empress of Light
I have to say the Clockwork rifle, it really changed my first time into hardmode for the better. And was quite useful until I learned about the Megashark, so I still very much enjoy the weapon as it is. And I'm hoping that when I get to hardmode again that I get because it is so useful for early hardmode.


Back before my world became a hardmode world, the Demon Scythe was the weapon that helped me beat the WoF. And more recently, the Terra Blade and the Eye of Cthulhu yoyo both helped me beat the Golem.

ol' drippy

Empress of Light
The coin gun, one expert mode playthrough I decided to grind for it (took 6-7 hours) and I got it pre mech bosses. With frost armor it destroyed the bosses and late game bosses too


Skeletron Prime
The inferno fork. I decided to try and get a shadow beam staff and instead I got this, and I couldn't be happier! When I got it it already was reforged to mythical, so it did like 100 something damage. Mythical inferno fork + specter hood = fastest healing EVA


Definetly minishark I used for all up the pre hardmode bosses pretty much. It is super easy to get also its only 25 gold.

Also terra blade for late hardmode because of the projectile.:joy:I


The Bees Knees is probably it for me: It takes down the wall of flesh, and keeps me alive through early hardmode until I can get better weapons, generally the Daedalus stormbow, followed by light discs/yelets. I once had to take down an expert mode pirate invasion with nothing but the bees knees and, while it took FREAKING EVER it did the job. Turns out if you get enough bees together, you can take down flying pirate ships given enough time.
during my PC playthrough, i found the minishark and megashark super helpful in taking down bosses because 1: it has a very fast fire rate and decent damage. 2: i don't have to get right up in the bosses face and potentially risk getting eaten and 3: it has a chance not to consume ammo [off you go ammo reserve potion!] :)
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