Official Welcome to the new forum look!

The scrolling throught the Signatures have been more annoying than they've been useful.
As even if you just want to scroll down a page, if your mouse cursor is on a signature, you'll scroll through the signature instead, as long as the scrollbalk for the signature is visible.
I don't see a setting to change it, but I rather preferred the original one. Could this be noted?

I start to see the better things of the forum update though. Which is neat. :)
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Now, this might just be my weird taste, but I find the color scheme of the C# syntax highlight a bit strange.

// A Hello World! program in C#.
using System;
namespace HelloWorld
    class Hello
        static void Main()
            Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

            // Keep the console window open in debug mode.
            Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit.");

The dark blue for class names and the purple for keywords is quite hard to read, especially on a dark background, like with the corruption theme. Also, comments should really be green rather than orange.
Would it be possible to tweak the colors a bit, maybe to look more like the default in Visual Studio?


Other than this, I really like the new editor features. The inline code, and inline spoiler sections are pretty nice to have. :)
We're continuing to make adjustments and tweaks in response to community feedback.

There are two things that have changed that may have escaped general attention.

Name changes. Previously, we allowed a total of 10 approved account name changes. Now, you may get 2 approved changes every 30 days, with no limit beyond that.

Steam-related trophies/titles. There are 4 trophies related to linking a Steam account to your TCF account.

Like a sauna in here.... (Steampunker title) - awarded for linking a Steam account with your TCF account - this is still the case.​
Certifiably Terrarian (Official Terrarian title)​
Yo Ho Ho! (Pixel Pirate title)​
Loot 'em Up! (Pixel Privateer title)​
These last three were previous awarded for owning Terraria/Pixel Piracy/Pixel Privateers in your linked Steam account. The criteria for these trophies is changing.

Due to past issues with our Steam plug-in, we are no longer going to require that these games be in your Steam account. If you indicate in your personal details that you own any/all of these games, you are eligible for the trophy and corresponding title. This will cut down on a lot of overhead and frustration with the previous process.

This is on the honor system, of course, but overall it is more equitable for everyone. Console and mobile players are equally important as PC players and should be recognized for that.
Thus, many of you will be receiving a new trophy soon.
Free trophy! Just randomly got "Yo Ho Ho" even thought I don't own the game

Oh, just saw the above post. I have it on xbox, so it counts for me in my opinion.
Wait Can i have a Question...?
We will have Terraria TModLoader on Mobile Right??? and TEdit Right??
TModLoader and TEdit are not made, endorsed, or monitored by Re-Logic. It is very likely that this will not happen. However, some old versions of pc Terraria can use TEdit and mobile can use their world files, meaning you can still have edited worlds.
Wait Can i have a Question...?
We will have Terraria TModLoader on Mobile Right??? and TEdit Right??
tModLoader (or any third-party modding tools) will not come to mobile due to restrictions set by the platform owners. The editing of mobile game files (through the use of software like TEdit or otherwise) is prohibited as well, and so is discussion on how to do so on these forums (see Important - Terrarian Community Rules & Culture - PLEASE READ for more info). There may be programs out there that work, but you won't find them here, you won't be allowed to discuss them here, you won't get any support for them here and anything that happens when using them is entirely at your own risk. Not to scare anyone, just a general caution.

If you have any mobile related questions in the future, please direct them to the Mobile Town Square: Social section of the forums. This thread is intended for the discussion of the new forum update. :)
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