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What’s your favorite instrument, and why?


If you had to pick ANY instrument, whether you play it or not, what would you pick? Or maybe you don’t like instruments?

I’d pick the trombone, it’s my personal favorite.


The Destroyer
I played the euphonium from 3rd grade till 12th grade for school. I drifted away from it when I went to college. I agreed to play it at the time because there were a lack of them, I originally wanted to play the drums.


Party Girl
Violin, hands down. Sometimes when listening to violin reimaginings of video game songs, or various classical pieces utilizing it, something about the pleasant notes really makes me feel peaceful. Definitely my favorite instrument by far.

Definitely one of my favorite pieces, too. Piano is really good as well.


Skeletron Prime
Tenor Sax, I play it in band. I just really like the sound of it. I also like trombone, it is my second favorite. I like it especially because of the wide variety of sounds you can make with having a slider. :)


Eye of Cthulhu
5-string bass guitar, it's an extremely comfortable instrument and slap style playing is awesome.
The low B string is just one step above the lowest note on a piano, and you can downtune it to notes that can't be distinguished by the ear whatsoever.
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