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PC What do you think is the hardest non-boss mob in Terraria?


This may seem like a weird one, but i’ve honestly gotta say those flying snakes. I mean, sure, about 50 damage is manageable, but swarming with them? Come on :p. “What’s that? You’re trying to avoid traps and lizhards? Aight, let me just end your career ro quick.” Seriously, these guys enjoy making our terrarians’ lives miserable. Just look at that face ಠ_ಠ
True, they really are a hazard when trying an early run through the temple, when most traps are still active and you likely have barely enough firepower to keep a couple away at a time.

The Terramere

The Destroyer
Unicorns, when you start hardmode unicorns are so fast have so much health and do so much damage. Plus with pixies that make it so you can’t attack with their Debuff. I makes taking down a single unicorn impossible


Official Terrarian
Giant Tortoise

*Insert John Cena meme here, as it catapults itself from offscreen and deals 200+ damage or finishes me off*


I seriously have to say it’s between a green slime and a zombie, yeah sure they are weak, Burbank they get you the most when you don’t realize it.....(died to a zombie in hardcore)


Skeletron Prime
Honestly.... Why has nobody said Dungeon Guardian?
It's literally not a boss.

But, well, I guess that's kind of a loose definition anyway.

Flaming Angry Bones

The Destroyer
For me, it's the armored skeleton. It's not the damage it does, it's the amount that spawn and the fact the inflict Broken Armor. Me trying to avoid that debuff is what makes them hard to me. :p

What's your opinion on the matter, and what makes that mob hard/annoying to encounter?
Paladin , GIANT TURTLE , Herpling

Unit One

Staff member
This guy
and this guy
and this jerk

The Desert Spirit's curse attack engulfs me no matter how I try to get away, I am encircled and surrounded and I must leave the desert and never come back. The Gastropod's laser travels around the world and back to snipe me when all I want is maybe a little pixie dust and unicorn horns. And Eyezor, I swear to you, if you even think to get on my screen I will mow down all the Vampires, all the Reapers, every Mothron in my way to get to you and make you stop. Just stop shooting at me man. Please.
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