What does the Lunatic Cultist say?

no they dont there worshiping the lunatic cultist and those people worshipping arent lunatic cultists. there known as cultists worshippers. watch lunatic cultist explained
Whatever it is, it seems heavily slowed down. Could someone speed up his voice lines and post a video of it here or something? Might be interesting.
So, as it's been asked by many people, the question is "What does the Lunatic Cultist say?" You can also find the sound here:
As far as I see, nobody yet asked it on the official Terraria Forums, so I am. Well, most of you guys probably think it says somthing like "I know you know" / "how do you know" or "all hail Moon Lord" or something like that. But I'm pretty sure that he says something in another language, so if anyone is sure about this, either if a developer could enlighten us, that'd be perfect to satisfy our curiosity :)
I heard something like "how the loyal know?"
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