What is a like to you?


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Likes are something discussed quite a bit here. There are those who are held to high esteem for their amount of likes, or maybe their like to post ratio is something they are always tending to. Developers earn likes on just about everything they post, but for good reason.

Likes represent a lot for me. If I give you a like, it can mean I saw and acknowledge your response to something I made and I'm glad for your support or critism. If it's a work of art, my like usually means I enjoy what you made or the effort you put into it.

Likes from certain people make me think I said something really clever or funny. Maybe I did something that one might respect. So, what's a like to you?


Ice Queen
i usually only like stuff that i think is exceptionally good. for instance, there are some suggestions that are really cool, but i don't like them because i don't specifically want them in the game, and if i strongly agree with something someone posts, i'll usually like it, so i'm kinda stingy with my likes. and if someone gives me a like, that means to me that they liked what i was saying in the post.


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A like is like... a like. It's like a pat on the back, someone saying you did something good, or that they like what you're saying. It's a very nice thing to get, especially if you don't feel like people like you. You could say i...... like likes.


To me, it shows respect to one's ideas, remarks, and general postings. Or something that my friends want to annoy me about even after I tell them I don't have Facebook and don't plan on getting it.


for me a like in TFC is a way to express something that I...like, as a build, also it means a support for something that I share as example: "I love when a boss drops...I" give a like because I feel that too. and sometimes I give a like trying to say: "yeah, whatever, go away now!"


I like likes because it shows that people give a :red: about what I say. If someone spends a minute or more trying to make a post that will make other people happy, intrigued, interested, informed, or anything, clicking that button will show that it's something that was actually worth their while to type.


Skeletron Prime
if i like something it means i support the point of view expressed within the post or found it amusing or enjoyable.


A like to me is like a newborn ba --

A like to me is just something to express one's appreciation of something, allowing you to realise that the member finds the content interesting or ridiculously funny. Something I don't really care about, and shrug off from time to time, but a sort of acknowledgement, that still has some importance.


I think of a like as a really firm handshake with someone you know that is really successful and you don't wanna ruin the moment so you try and act cool
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